Sunday, October 21, 2007

Apply for Miss Maumee Valley, Miss All*American City and Miss Maumee Valley's Outstanding Teen!

The application deadline is TOMORROW (October 22) for Miss Maumee Valley , Miss All*American City and Maumee Valley’s Outstanding Teen. If 15 Miss contestants apply three crowns would be given, but I have a feeling that’s a big if. Nonetheless, this is a quality program and I strongly encourage all eligible contestants to apply. [Left: reigning Miss All*American City Lauren Hogan, reigning Miss Maumee Valley Kristen Haas and I at last years pageant after I crowned them.]

The pageant will be held Sunday November 4th at the Maumee High School Performing Arts Center. This is the same wonderful facility that housed it last year. Also, the winners receive one of the best prize packages among Miss Ohio locals, a photo shoot with Gallippo’s Photography.

So… Get those aps in the mail tomorrow ladies!

Eric and Linda Wagener
7530 Yawberg Road
Whitehouse, OH 43571

Lauren's Gallippo's photos

Kristen's Gallippo's photos

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  1. Abby:

    We have extended the deadline to Thursday @ 5:00 pm! We need 3 more contestants for 2 crowns!

    Eric & Linda


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