Sunday, October 7, 2007

Best of Luck to the Miss North East Ohio Program!

First, my lack of blogging over the past few days is because something happened that diminished the importance of most everything else around me; I’ll write about it soon.

For now… Best of luck to the ladies competing in today’s pageant, Miss North East Ohio, which will be at 7 p.m. (preshow) at the North Canton Civic Center.

The contestants:

Karissa Martin studies Music and Communications at West Liberty State College. She is a vocalist; her platform issue is Skin Cancer Awareness. In her first try at Miss Ohio this summer she was named 2nd Runner-up as Miss Scioto Valley. (This season: Karissa competed at Miss Lake Erie/ Northern Ohio.)

April O’Brien is a vocalist who attends Bethany College. I am unsure of her platform. (This is April’s first pageant of the season.)

Ashley Pesta is a dancer who attends Duquesne University. I am unsure of her platform. (This season: Ashley won the Swimsuit award at Miss Ohio Valley.)

Jessica Shetler is a vocalist who attends Mount Union College. I am unsure of her platform. (This is Jessica’s first pageant of the season.)

Heather Wells is a dancer majoring in communications at Youngstown State University. Her platform is "Hey kids, don't sit get fit!" (This season: Heather was 2nd RU Miss Greater Cleveland/ Open City and she competed at Miss Lake Erie/ Northern Ohio.)

Allison West is an Elementary and Special Education major at Bethany College. She is a dancer who advocates Volunteerism. At her first attempt at Miss Ohio as Miss Ohio Valley she won a Swimsuit Preliminary. (This is Allison’s first pageant of the season.)

Jenna Wilson is a vocalist studying Communications and Voice at Ohio University. For her platform she works with the March of Dimes. Jenna competed at Miss Ohio in 2006 as Miss Southeastern Ohio. (This season: Jenna was 1st RU and Swimsuit winner at Miss North Coast and 3rd RU- Miss Lake Erie/ Northern Ohio.)

Megan Wombacker is an Accounting major and Marketing and Management minor at Kent State University, with plans to go into their MBA program. She is a tap dancer who advocates Vision Awareness. (This season: Megan has competed at Miss Greater Cleveland/ Open City and Miss Lake Erie/ Northern Ohio.)

Kelly Jo Zink is a student at Wittenberg College where she is majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and Dance. She is also a twirler, so I imagine she either twirled or danced for her Talent. Kelly's platform is the Ronald McDonald House. (This season: Kelly was 2nd Runner-up at Miss West Central Ohio and Interview Award winner at Miss Miami Valley.)

If you know Kelly Jo's talent or April, Ashley or Jessica's platforms, please leave a comment. As alway, correct me if anything is wrong.


  1. Laura Pennington isn't competing tonight. She's got a migrane and called Ann and Keith this morning.

  2. Aw, that's too bad. :( I know she's been suffering from them recently, so hopefully she can find a successful treatment soon.

    Thanks for the info Amy.

  3. Hey Abby, Amy called it.
    I just posted an explanation on my own blog.

    I am really disappointed that I had to pull out, especially for leaving Anne and Ken with one less contestant, but I have just started feeling better in the last few hours.

    I hope all the girls have a great time.

  4. Laura,
    I used to have migraines all the time. Go see a neurologist. They may make you do a CAT scan but the treatment is very simple. Just a pill everyday. I took
    Elavil and it totally worked. They have some new meds now as well.
    Migraines are such a nuisance--can put you to bed for hours.
    Nancy Mabrey
    MWCOSP Recruiter/Coach/Judges'Chair


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