Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pageant Poll of the Week FOR CONTESTANTS ONLY: CMN

It’s no mystery that the CMN donation is the main reason for the minimal amount of contestants at Miss Ohio locals this year. Saturday’s poll confirmed what we already knew, although I think non-contestants must have voted in the first poll without actually reading (because I don't think there are 49 contestants in the state, let alone all reading my blog!).
So let me make this really clear…

In the first one you may select all answers that apply, but both restrict on submission per computer.


  1. What were your final results of the pageant scandal polls??

  2. Just go to the post (http://abbybollenbacher.blogspot.com/2007/09/pageant-poll-of-week.html) then click on "view results" at the bottom of each poll.

    To summarize, my readers seemed to be forgiving of Amy Pulombo but divided about Tara Conner.

  3. I am really concerned about this CMN issue for many reasons. I have heard from a good source that if we have contestants who have competed at least 4 times prior to our program, we will not be receiving anything from those contestants' funds. This makes sense in a way but cheats the later programs. Anyone else feel this way? BTW, please keep your fingers crossed for our program; we will find out in about a week if we get our funding to have our pageant this March. ;)
    ~Nancy W.


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