Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Miss Clayland Photos

[Above: Allie Krucek crowns the new Miss Clayland, Karissa Martin.]

I've been away for a few days, first to my parents and then to a cabin in Amish country near Mansfield where Loren was hunting. (He got his first buck with a bow!) It was so nice to be away… where cell phones barely work and there’s no internet! From my hometown where every farmer is in the field picking corn, including my 89 year old grandpa, to the beautiful rolling hills and curvy roads of mid-Ohio…

Anyway, here are the pictures you've probably already seen on other sites.
[Below left L-R: April O'Brien, Community Service winner Megan Wombacker, Miss Clayland '06 Allie Krucek, Miss Clayland '07 Karissa Martin, 1st RU and Talent winner Erica Gelhaus, Ashley Bowman, Interview winner Amy Allen and Grace Caudill. Right: Allie says farewell.]

[Above left: Miss Clayland '06 Allie Krucek, Miss Clayland '07 Karissa Martin and 1st RU Erica Gelhaus; right: Miss Lake Festival Heather Waterman, Miss Ohio Valley Brandi Herceg, Miss North East Ohio Jenna Wilson and Miss Open City Zephylia Khooblall.] Above photos by Paul Krajnyak.

These last two are from Amy Allen.

Check out pictures of the entire pageant HERE.

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  1. Abby -

    Thank you very much for posting the link to Miss Clayland photographs on my website.

    Christine Walsh-Newton,
    CWN Photography


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