Saturday, October 13, 2007

Congrats to the New Miss Clayland, Karissa Martin!

Miss Clayland: Karissa Martin

1st Runner-Up: Erica Gelhaus
Talent: Erica Gelhaus
Interview: Amy Allen
Community Service: Megan Wombacker

[Photo on the left was taken last fall after Karissa won her first title.]


  1. Megan won the Community Service award.

  2. Thanks for the info Amy, and congrats on the Interview Award!!!! If my math is right, this means you can start making a profit! :)


  3. Yes, by the time of my next pageant I will have raised $400 for CMN, which is the amount that I won at Miss Clayland. But I will say everything is profit since I have not used any of my own money or had my parents pay for the required CMN donation. I will say if I win another $200 before I age out I will have broken even from the amount of money that I have spent on wardrobe and such things. :)


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