Friday, November 23, 2007

Abby’s Black Friday Equation

Step One:

Put a value on your time. (Your hourly wage at work is a good place to start, and then add some to account for your personal time.)

Step Two:

Subtract a percentage of your worth to account for frustration, just as taxes are frustratingly taken out of a real paycheck. In this case, consider your personality and how you will be taxed on Black Friday by stresses like waking up at 3 a.m., parking, long lines, unhelpful associates, aggressive shoppers, screaming children, etc…

Step Three:

Divide your overall hourly worth (wage + personal - frustration) by 60 so you know what you’re worth every single, tedious, ticking minute!

Step Four:

Calculate the overall amount of money you saved (or would save) on all items by subtracting their Black Friday price from their regular price.

Step Five:

Add up the minutes you spent fighting the Black Friday crowds… 3 hours in line before the store opened, 20 minutes at this check out, 35 minutes at that check out, driving in circle to find a parking spot for 15 minutes… etc…

Step Six:

Multiply the results of Step Five by the results of Step Three.

Step Six:

Compare the results of Step Four and Step Six.
Did you at least break even? :)

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  1. You know, this is a great evaluation! I never really thought about it this way. I had not been to a Black Friday sale in quite awhile but did venture out in it this year. What is funny is that some of the items I was out to buy are still in the store at the Black Friday prices! I have heard many stories about people who get into physical fights over items on the sale and think that is so ridiculous and horrible.


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