Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pageant Results!

Miss Maumee Valley: Becky Minger

Miss All*America City: Jessica Barrett

Miss Fallen Timbers: Emily Cousino

1st Runner-up: Jillian Dansko
2nd Runner-up: Heather Wells

Interview Award: Emily Cousino
Talent Award: Heather Wells

Miss Maumee Valley's Outstanding Teen: Rachel Osting
Miss All*American City's Outstanding Teen: Emily Werling

Contestant order and talent selections:

1. Ashley Hartman- lyrical dance to "Hide and Seek"
2. Maria Minnick- jazz dance to "Little Shop of Horrors"
3. Kyrsten Champers- Tahitian dance to "Rue Two Tee Kee"
4. Kristy Moneysmith- country vocal to "Break it to me Gently"
5. Amy Allen- vocal to "I'll Forget You"
6. Jessica Barrett- Broadway vocal to "Popular"
7. Krystle Formosa- Broadway vocal to "Think of Me"
8. Jessica Nelson- Broadway vocal to "In His Eyes"
9. April O'Brien- vocal to "Showstopper"
10. Emily Pheils- Broadway vocal to "In My Own Little Corner"
11. Heather Wells- jazz dance to "Baby I'm a Star"
12. Becky Minger- classical/ jazzy vocal to "Summertime"
13. Emily Cousino- jazz vocal to "Hallelujay I Love Him So"
14. Jillian Dansko- tap dance to "Drums"

*My backstage photos, as well as Paul's crowning shots coming soon...

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