Monday, November 5, 2007

Pageant Pictures: MMV, MAC, MFT, MMVOT and MACOT

Above: Miss Maumee Valley's Outstanding Teen: Rachel Osting, Miss Maumee Valley Becky Minger, Miss All*American City Jessica Barrett, Miss Fallen Timbers Emily Cousino and Miss All*American City's Outstanding Teen: Emily Werling

Above: Visiting titleholders Miss Lake Festival Heather Waterman, Miss Portsmouth Katie Camp, Miss Scioto Valley Megan Wombacker and Miss West Central Ohio Shannon O'Neal

These first three photos are from Paul. Please note, he's away from his computer and will not likely be updating his site or the official Miss Ohio website until Friday.

Click on the smaller pictures to enlarge them.

Above left: Outgoing Miss Maumee Valley Kristen Haas; Right: Miss Scioto Valley Megan Wombacker, Ashley Hartman, Amy Allen and former Miss Ohio Marlia Fontaine

Above left: Betsy Wagener; Right: the women of west central Ohio, Jessica Barrett, Kyrsten Chambers, Kristy Moneysmith, Rachel Osting and Emily Werling

Above left: Jillian Dansko; Right: Maria Minnich, Rachel Osting, Jessica Nelson, April O'Brien, Emily Phiels, Emily Werling and Kristy Moneysmith

Above left: Heather Wells, Krystle Formosa and Emily Phiels; Right: former Miss West Central Ohio's Jessica Barrett and Kyrsten Chambers

Above left: April O'Brien; Right: Kristy Moneysmith and Amy Allen

Above: Ashley Hartman, and Amy Allen and I taking pictures of one another.

Above left: the three outgoing titleholders, Kellie, Kristen and Lauren; Right: Ashley, Amy and I

Above: After the show with outgoing Miss All*American City, Lauren Hogan and Jessica Nelson

This was a nightmare to format, so please enjoy!

Also, many thought my boyfriend Loren would be there taking pictures, but he's taking shots of a very different kind right now. He's on a ten day elk hunt in Colorado!

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