Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Roberta's New Headshot

The Miss America website has been updated with the photo on the left of Roberta; originally the photo on the right appeared. As I mentioned when photos were first posted, some stink was made about photo guidelines. Many fans felt that most women "broke the rules, " including our Miss Ohio. Paul Krajnyak, the official Miss Ohio photographer clarified for me, writing the following:

The guidelines said and I quote, “The titleholder must be looking forward and the whole head must be shown. Don’t crop the hair or some elements of the face out of the picture.” Looking forward to me says that the eyes are looking at the camera. Apparently, it means something different to other people? If it said facing forward, then I would take it to mean straight-on.


  1. I'm confused by your comment. Are you saying that some fans thought Roberta's headshot was in violation, or that Roberta thought other contestants headshots were in violation? Either way, I don't see the difference in the new and old other than the hair cropped out and more attractive color balance.

  2. Sorry about the confusion... Fans of states that thought they followed the rules are frustrated and seem to think that other states did not [follow the "rules."]

    Go to this link for more:



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