Thursday, November 15, 2007

Being Smart

This post is not a major revelation, nor does it tell of a close call… just a reminder.

This afternoon I had plans to get some things done online, have them copied at Kinko’s and mailed, then take Niki to the park, which doubles as light pre-workout cardio for me… But things got pushed back a bit, as they always do, and fall finally arrived so I took the time to outfit Niki in a human sweater vest! (I’m not at all the type to dress a dog, but she’s old and dislikes the cold, so it seemed like the right thing to do…) While they did a great job, Kinko’s took forever and culminated in the realization that they can’t send to a P.O. Box. Good to know! I rushed to the post office (which I desperately hate) and stood in line for a good fifteen minutes.

By this point I needed a coffee from Beaners, my guilty pleasure. (On a side note, most Toledoan’s didn’t realize the derogatory meaning of the name, but with growth in mind, the company is now changing it to “Biggby.”)

Anyway, Niki and I finally arrive at the park around 5:20. Toledo has several wonderful metroparks, some are quite expansive and remote, so there’s only one I’m comfortable visiting by myself. It’s always busy, with trails ranging in length from half a mile to over two miles through woods and meadows. My immediate thought was the timing was great because it increased our likelihood to see deer, but as we started on the boardwalk behind the Manor House (a beautiful old estate on park property seen above) the stillness of dusk just didn’t feel right.

“What am I doing?” I asked myself. Although we could have finished the trail before dark, it just seemed stupid. The sweater vest seemed to void the intimidating effect of Niki’s size and the park was not at all busy, so we took the first exit trail and walked back to the car…

I couldn’t help but wonder, how often I do stupid, unsafe things without realizing it? I told Niki, “Sorry to cut your walk short, girl. I am an independent woman, but I’m also smart and it’s just not worth the risk.”

I realize this is a really boring post, but it’s never a bad thing to remind yourself and those around you to be smart.


  1. Great blog my dear!! Take care and be safe.....

  2. I received an advisory from a friend about a scam that women should know about. Maybe you've seen it before case someone hasn't, a man watches you pay cash for an item in a store.
    You leave and get in the car. The man approaches you with a $5 or whatever bill and says, "You dropped this inside." He expects you to roll down your window....
    but DON'T. He's trying to rob you.

    Also, the Division of Wildlife plans their hunting season dates because of the male deer that are in the rut (wanting to mate). They are unusually sensitive to odors and anything that invades their territories, making them easier to shoot. Gun season starts next week,
    so be careful of those male deer, and hunters as well.Be especially cautious of children with guns. Just because they are supposed to be chaperoned by adults doesn't mean they are.
    Nancy Mabrey, Wildlife Rehabilitators
    Ohio Division of Wildlife-Permitted Category 2, Rabies Vector Species
    Owner of Ohio's "Buckeye Chuck"


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