Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Catching Up With Miss America, Kirsten Haglund

Above, Kristen poses for Savvy magazine and below for Superodels Unlimited.

Below Kirsten celebrates the 100th anniversary of the
U.S. Army Reserves.

Below she comforts a child in the presence of G.W. Do you think she's saying, "It's okay honey, he makes us all cry!"?

Below Kirsten hangs out at the Honda Grand Prix,
where she was the Grand Marshal.

CLICK HERE for more photos of her travels.


  1. Abby can I ask you a random formatting question? My blog always seems to run together (I write in Word first, then copy over) and I've tried using a little html using 'p', etc, but it makes it really hard to read. Your blog is so much more organized and easier to read than mine, I thought you might know the formatting a little better than i!

  2. Hey Laura,

    As you've noticed I'm really anal about my formatting and as a result I think I devote more time than most bloggers (especially when it comes to pictures).

    That being said, I really don't do anything fancy, or have a "secret" I could share with you.

    Like you, I write everything in a word document first, then copy and paste it. I find that more often than not, the spacing disappears. Lists are the worst! All the line breaks disappear and it turns into one giant paragraph!

    So, I either copy and paste one paragraph at a time, putting spaces into blogger between pastes. Or, when I copy several paragraphs, I'll publish it, then look to see where the problems are. Then I go back and hit shift and enter at the same time to put the line break in.

    I don't technically know what shift does, but it seems to be effective when simply hitting return still isn't creating a line break in blogger.

    I hope that's what you meant and that it helps...

    Another option:

    I should have said I always USED to write everything in a word doc...

    My new neighbor recently upgraded my Microsoft Word and introduced me to the search engine Mozilla Firefox and I LOVE it! Firefox is so much better than internet explorer in the way it formats your internet options. IE: my most used favorites are always viable in the tool bar instead of having to click and drop a list and it opens new pages in tabs instead of have a million separate windows open.

    Anyway, I don't know if it's the Firefox or the other update, but now, no matter what I'm typing in, from my blog to message boards, I see a dashed red line under misspelled works! It's really conveniently and has almost eliminated my habit of constant copy and pasting.


  3. Thanks for all the tips. I've been using Firefox for about two years now and I still have that issue, but I'm going to try the "shift" thing!

  4. In the first two pictures, I think Kristen looks like Tara Connor...maybe I'm just losing it today!

  5. I definitely agree she looks like Tara Conner but in a positive glamourous way! Amen to making Miss America glamourous finally!


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