Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Think you can do my job?

Prior to moving to LA, I traveled to high schools across Ohio and Michigan giving presentations about college and career success with a company called Making It Count, a division of Monster.

The company is now recruiting speakers for the fall semester.

The job is equally rewarding and challenging. Here are some facts about it:

- On average speakers give 5 to 20 presentations per semester, depending on their availability and the amount of interested schools in their area. I gave nearly 40 presentations in nine weeks because there didn't seem to be other speakers in my area and I only turned down one presentation.

- High schools contact the corporate office, then regional managers dispatch speakers. It's flexible because you can turn down presentations, but obviously the more you accept and the easier you are to work with, the more work your regional manager will give you.

- Obviously you need to be available during the school day. I think it could work for a student who only has class a couple days a week, or night classes; as well as stay-at-home parents, part time employees or independent contractors in another capacity.

- I would often have to get up very early, like 5 a.m., to travel to a school. At some schools you might give two presentations (one to juniors and one to seniors). I never attended multiple schools in one day due to travel; I imagine in urban areas that would be more likely.

- Payment starts at $100 per presentation and increases based on the distance you travel. For most presentations you are responsible for your own reliable transportation and gas compensation is meager.

- A minimum of 100 students are required; the maximum amount of students each speaker can handle is determined at the training weekend.

- A three-day training and orientation weekend takes place in Dayton, Ohio. At this weekend you must become "certified."

- New speakers begin with two different presentations per semester. Presentations are 40 to 60 minutes long (depending on the length of the assembly the school allocates). You may reference the workbook that the students fill in as you deliver the presentation, so memorizing it is not as difficult as it may seem. Notes and answers may be written in your workbook, but you can't read directly from it like it's a storybook and you must learn to juggle the workbook, microphone and other visual aids.

- This is a NATIONAL company; target recruitment areas for the fall are:

Hartford, CT, Cleveland, OH, Phoenix, AZ, Minneapolis, MN, Detroit, MI, Rochester, NY, Buffalo, NY, Syracuse, NY, Yonkers, NY, Albuquerque, NM, Birmingham, AL, San Antonio, TX, Cincinnati, OH, Green Bay, WI, Los Angeles, CA, Santa Barbara, CA, San Bernardino, CA, Boston, MA, Richmond, VA, South Texas, Toledo, OH , Pittsburgh, PA , Morgantown, WV , Shreveport, LA , New Orleans, LA , New York, New York

- In my opinion, this job requires the perfect balance of presentation and speaking skills, professionalism and personality.

Do you think it's right for you? I can think of several of my readers, and not just contestants, who may do well as a MIC speaker.

If you're up for it, act quickly because I believe the application deadline is fast approaching.

List me as your referral and let me know that you did so - then I will alert the recruitment manager and she will keep an eye out for your submission.


I'd be happy to answer any questions and give further advice; again- list me as a referral and let me know that you did!

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