Monday, May 19, 2008

Pageant Poll: Miss Ohio and Primrose

It was announced at Community Service weekend that the new Miss Ohio will get a condo in Mansfield at Primrose Retirement Community. Living arrangements are a perk few states can afford their winner. She will be expected to interact with the residents, for example, having weekly tea with the ladies. Obviously she'll have to follow certain rules, such as appropriate attire when she uses the dining facilities, no male guests after a certain hour, etc... (Direct Link to poll if image below fails.)


  1. Okay here's my opinion: great that they have a place for Miss Ohio to stay- that's fabulous and very generous.

    But the image of an "it girl" living in a retirement home just makes me laugh.

    Good for them for securing this sponsor, though.

  2. I agree with Laura's comment. I think this is just a way to keep a closer eye on the titleholder so that we don't have a Tara Connor situation. Well, at least not in "her" living quarters.
    ~Nancy W.
    P.S. A convertible? WOW! Someone's been working! This is good!
    (Abby please post this one as I made a double statement in my last sentence before my signature.)

  3. I think it is fabulous. Senior citizens have much to offer. Having worked in a senior citizen facility as a teen, I can tell you that they just love young people and you can be greatly enriched by spending time with them.

    The world doesn't just revolve around the young.

  4. Thanks for your comments everyone!

    I'm kind of surprised at the number of votes for "total disagreement." I struggled to come up with that and "apathy," just to add more options, but I didn't really expect them to get any votes!

    I'm with the majority - I think it's great that Miss Ohio gets one of the most coveted perks among state programs, but despite the great relationships she'll surely develope with the residents, it's just sort of odd!

    My dad is a hair dresser at an assisted living facility, and mom reminded me, "retired" or "elderly" is not a synonym for good, moral or wholesome. LOL! Good point! Officials might have to be less worried about Miss Ohio's male friends and more concerned with helping her fight off the dirty old men! :)


  5. If I was a contestant, I would not want to win Miss Ohio now. First of all, since when is the Miss Ohio board so active with their contestant that they need her in Mansfield. Second, hospital food and infections....not for a girl in their 20's. Being a role model does not mean living the life of an 80 yr old...



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