Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Beast of Bashing

A few days ago I logged on the unofficial Miss Ohio message board to find an IP address from California had been warned about bashing. I knew it wasn’t me, but I felt I should clarify that to maintain the credibility of this blog, since many know I'm in LA.

Bashing is a difficult issue; sometimes a poster is just being sarcastic or funny, but someone else will take it as bashing. There will always be pageant contestants that you don’t like, whether you just don’t “get” them, you’re jealous of them or have a valid personal experience for wanting to knock the crown off their head with a combat boot! I know it’s hard to do sometimes, but we all need to remember that no good is served by identifying your least favorite contestants.

People like to think pageants are full of catfights, but I've discovered in the past few days that basing is not exclusively and issue of pageantry - it's an internet issue!

Thank you to everyone who voted for my roommate to become the new host of Mahalo Daily. After an Apprentice style interview spoof, she is now a Top 2 finalist for the job! Under each of the videos there are viewer comments and it is getting pretty nasty! Luckily for my roommate, her competition comes of as a conceded snob and Mahalo viewers are not shy about pointing it out. The poor girl has tried to defend herself, but I think she’s only made it worse. CLICK HERE to read some first-class non-pageant bashing!

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