Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Pageant women have many mothers to be grateful for:
Both our own and the numerous female E.D.s and volunteers.

Here' s wishing you all a beautiful day!

A photo tribute to my many moms...

Above, I could never say enough about the support of my own mom. It's not easy, but I try to be more like her ever day.
Click here for a recently posted picture of my Grandma G.

Below, I know I've said it here a million times before, but I was so lucky to have Ginny and Brenda as my hostess/chaperon all five years; it takes a very special person to agree to watch over a pageant contestant during a very stressful competition week. By special, I think I mean crazy... and I know I mean wonderful!

Maria, a wonderful friend who goes far above and beyond the call of duty; all your pageant women are so grateful your husband and kids share you with us!!! My boyfriend's mom Cecilia and her friend Mary were such sweet supporters my last two years!

Family is the best! Above, my cousins Kate and Chelsea, for whom Miss Ohio was a vacation my first few years; above right, my aunt Marjie (Yikes! How did I win a pageant with that hair?).

Right, cousin and huge supporter and pageant enthusiast Nancy with daughter Chloe, Miss America Erica Dunlap and I.

Linda of Maumee Valley is shorter than Eric, but she keeps the show going! Shirly and Mary of Northwestern Ohio have kindness and personality that sparkle like these outfits!

Amy of Northwestern Ohio make motherhood look fantastic!
And her mother-in-law Bonnie was such a sweet hostess to me for two years.

Two crazy crews:
I had a blast with Debbie and Ronda of Miami Valley...

As well as Melissa and the late Donna of Lorain County.

Another real young mom and E.D. who somehow makes it look easy, Melissa of Lake Festival.

Above, everyone's mom, Sharon, Miss Ohio's contestant coordinator and oh my gosh, my friends are having babies now! Congrats Allison!

Sharon's right hand woman is Carla and below, Diane, is a good friend's mom.

Although pageantry is competitive, most people realize it's subjective and your biggest competition is yourself. Thus, in the absence of your own mom, someone else's mom is usually willing to temporarily adopt you!

Thank you to all the moms for always being there for us!


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