Sunday, September 28, 2008

Keeping-up with Karissa: in LA!

Did you catch Karissa on Ellen Friday?!

I read incorrect information; the Miss America contestants were not in the audience, but rather participated in Ellen's continued attempts to "smoke George Clooney out" of his bungalow, located behind Ellen's sound stage on the Warner Brothers lot! After Miss America, Kirsten Haglund, proved unsuccessful on her own, Miss Ohio, Karissa Martin was the first of the reinforcements to be called in!

It's so exciting that Karissa got some great face time! However, I have to agree with an anonymous poster on the Miss Ohio message board, in that setting, their pageant stance looked pretty fake! It was as if Ellen was calling them to the Top 10 or something! I understand why it happened; pageant women automatically fall into that stance. But even contestants, formers and fans have to admit it looks a bit contrived when you're not onstage. Thank goodness for which ever contestant it was who started clapping to the chant - that made the march much more fun and relatable.

The ladies are here in LA to film the TLC reality show, but in addition to Ellen they've visited an IHOP, the beach and LA zoo.
Above Karissa on the coffee shop set of Friends;
below she's in the second row at IHOP.

There are several photos on the national message board.

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