Friday, September 5, 2008

Pageant Pictures: Ohio's Sweetheart!

Here are photos of Miss Maumee Valley, Becky Minger, at the National Sweetheart pageant in Hoopston, Illinois, where she was a Top 11 Semifinalist!

Special thanks to Becky's dad, Mike, for keeping me updated. Again, I was so embarrassed to have posted the incorrect Top 5. Usually message board predictions are clearly marked as such; with the Sweetheart pageant taking an awfully long time, I mistakenly trusted a poster who seemed to have been purposely trying to spread false results.

Also, thanks to local E.D. Eric Wagener for emailing me these photos. The application period for Miss Maumee Valley, Miss Fallen Timbers, Miss All*American City and their Teen Titles is open now, until October 20. Becky, Jessica and Emily will crown their successors on November 1st in Maumee!

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  1. Gawd, she is so gorgeous! Congrats to Becky on representing the Buckeye State so well! We are all so very proud of you! ~ Maria


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