Saturday, July 25, 2009

Miss Greater Cleveland and Cuyahoga County Results!

I was so busy this week, I did not realize Miss Greater Cleveland and Miss Cuyahoga County was tonight!

Here are the results:

Miss Greater Cleveland: Ashley Warholic
Miss Cuyahoga County: Meggie Wittman

1st RU: Sarah Hider
2nd RU: Courtney Monk
3rd RU: Irene Penzvolto

Interview: Ashley Warholic
Talent: Meggie Wittman
Swimsuit: Ashley Warholic
Evening Gown: Ashley Warholic

Rumored contestants: Alicia Huyghe, Sarah Hider, Ashley Maloney, Courtney Monk, Christina Muha, Jessica Nelson, Kristen Piasechi, Christine, Porter, Irene Penzvalto, Ashley Warholic, Sherry El Sakr, Meggie Wittmen, Brittany Baumann.


  1. Sherry El Sakr didn't actually make it to the pageant because she had to have an emergency wisdom teeth surgery. :( Sad but probably for the best for her so it wouldn't get worse. Just thought I"d letcha know!

  2. I've been out of the loop too, Abby! I had not a clue that there was a pageant last night, then I got a text from Jerri & a call from Dolly telling me the good news! I'm super proud of my little (host) sister...Ashley Warholic, Miss Greater Cleveland!



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