Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Best of Luck to Ohio's Outstanding Teen, Veronica Wende!

This week Ohio's Outstanding Teen, Veronica Wende, is in Orlando competing for the national teen title. From these Facebook photos, it looks like she's having a great time!

Above: Veronica in a Tony Bowls gown for a photoshoot

Above: Veronica and her roommate, Hawaii's Outstanding Teen

Veronica had her Interview yesterday; she begins onstage competition tonight with Talent! Evening gown and Onstage Question are Wednesday, Sportswear Thursday and the finale is Saturday! Wish her luck!

Click here for photos from the MAO Teen website and HERE for the updated Ohio teen site.

A few more shots taken before she left:

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  1. GOOD LUCK VERONICA!!!!!I'm rooting for you here back at home!!!!


    Sarah Eash
    Miss Fallen Timbers OT


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