Sunday, August 23, 2009

Miss Universe Live Blog: Evening Gown

We think Kelly Rowland is frighteningly buff.

Australia - The men like it; women say "Interesting" and Superwomanish.
Venezuela - I think it looks way too costumy; she could sing an opera talent in it.
South Africa - It's a hot mess!
Dominican Republic - We think it "old school," ill-fitted and too short, but the judges love her!
Kosovo - LOVE her gown, not crazy about her hair; very Audry Hepburn! We think she's redeemed herself from Swimsuit.
Czech Republic - It's beautiful, but a prom style we saw a few years ago.
Switzerland - "Is she going to homecoming?" I said, "I think she's going to bed," Loren replied.
Puerto Rico - We fear seeing some nip.
USA - She looks too much like a Miss America contestant. We are stunned how low she scored! 7.5!? What?
France - Very disco ball.

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