Friday, August 28, 2009

Holy, Toledo!

Okay, so that's the lamest title ever, but I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off and don't have time to think or be creative...

First, FOX Toledo is searching for the fourth Face of FOX Toledo, a position I held back in '06. For publicity, they hold an American Idol type contest, but it's a real job as a spokesperson for the station. Right now there's a Top 50; to "vote" you must watch their entire video. I guess it doesn't count if you "gong" them by clicking away from it before it ends. Much like a People's Choice pick at a pageant, only the top vote getter will automatically move on, while the other finalists will be the pick of the station. Nonetheless, please support the following by watching their entire videos:

My good friend Jeff McGinnis.
He is the reason I ever began a blog and is one of the greatest supporters in my life! He is smart, funny and I truly believe is a great fit for this position. Jeff holds a degree from BGSU and is the buffest of any pop culture buff you will meet!

Tiffany Schramm
, the reigning Miss Ohio International.
Tiffany is an absolute sweetheart who was a finalist at Miss Ohio USA and in the last Face of FOX competition. She is a former Cavs dancer and a student at Owens.

The ever ambitious, Starkeisha Ebony Cole.
Star is one of the most driven people I've ever met! While I was the Face, she contacted me to talk about how she could someday hold the position. She auditioned last season and even my ridiculously unpleasant producer said she was one of the best candidate; unfortunately, she was too young at that time. You've heard her name in pageantland as the talent winner last year at West Central and 1st runner-up at Clayland.

Please click on their names to watch their videos.

Also, a little bit of a person update on me... As most people know, I've lived in LA for over a year now while my beau, Loren, has been in Ohio trying to sell our home. Finally, we got an offer and have gotten through negating the price and the inspection. As long as the appraisal is greater than the deal, we'll move on to the closing and Loren will relocate to LA with me after the New Year. I'm back in Ohio for a quick visit, packing and purging, and will be having a yard sale tomorrow morning, including some old pageant gowns. Checkout my two craigslist ads and stop by if you're in the Toledo area!

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  1. Starkeisha's was very good...extremely creative


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