Sunday, August 23, 2009

Miss Universe Live Blog: Swimsuit

Someone needs to tell Heidi Montag that she is not Brittany Spears.

A great suggestion from one of the husbands for Swimsuit, "They should put them on roller skates."

Here are our comments from the room:

Puerto Rico - Women think she looks great; men say "too skinny;" I say her hair's in her face.
Iceland - Bouncy! Her boobs are falling out the bottom!
Albania - And now for no boobies! "Is she a man?" We think she's scary.
Czech Republic - "Is she a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader from '73?"
Belgium - We love her body, hate her hair.
Dominican Republic -WOW! We like her; she's working it!
Sweden -"She looks like Richard Gere."
Kosovo -And this one looks like Cher. Too skinny!
Australia - "Hideously gorgeous." We like her.
France - Great abs; bad teeth.
Switzerland - Look at that big belly button, "they might lose her score in it... the boys all get drunk out of it."
South Africa - Great catwalk!
USA - So pretty, but I don't think she really brought it.
Croatia - We were so distracted by her fake breasts.
Venezuela - I love her retro look!

We hate the swimsuit design and though we like Flo Rida, the lyrics could not be more inappropriate! lol!

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