Saturday, August 8, 2009

Congrats to the New Miss WCO and Miss SF

Miss West Central Ohio: Katie Bowen

First Runner Up: Stephanie Spitnale
Second Runner Up: Katie Ulrich
Third Runner Up: Courtney Monk

Interview: Katie Bowen
Talent: Stephanie Spitnale
Swimsuit: Devon Stansbury

Miss Square Fair: Shannon O’Neill

First runner up: Kristy Moneysmith

Interview: Shannon O'Neill
Talent: Shannon O'Neill
Swimsuit: Kristy Moneysmith

People’s Choice winner: Katie Ulrich

For an article and the only way to enlarge a few pictures, CLICK HERE; if you know the special award winners, please comment.

How funny that Shannon and Katie will be "sister titleholders" for a second year! Last year they also shared an ED as Miss Maumee Valley and Miss All*American City. Also ironic, Katie makes the second of only six Miss WCOs (since the title was brought back from hiatus in 2004) to be a flutist, a less common talent. And if that's not enough, Shannon's first title (in 2007) was Miss WCO, thus last year she crowned Victoria, and tonight Victoria put a crown back on Shannon's head.

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  1. Devon Stansbury and Kristy Moneysmith won swimsuit in each respective pageant.

    Katie Bowen and Shannon O'Neill won interview awards.

    Shannon O'Neill and Stephanie Spitnale won talent.

    Katie Ulrich was People's Choice.


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