Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Final "State" Winner - Puerto Rico

Well, the U.S. Territory, Puerto Rico, has rejoined the Miss America pageant; you can tell it's official, as just like the national and most state websites, the official Puerto Rico site has nothing but generic information! Not surprisingly, you can find all you need to know about the first Puerto Rican delegate since 1961 on Facebook and the message boards...

Miss Puerto Rico
Miriam "MiMi" Pabon

Education: University of Puerto Rico / Drama
Talent: Dress flipping... I mean Dance
Pageant Past: Semifinalist in Miss International 2008
Awards: Community Service

Miss Puerto Rico Pageant in 16 minutes:

Miss Puerto Rico America "Miriam Pabon" from Jose Acevedo on Vimeo.

Miss America, Katie Stam, looked amazing! That was the best I've ever heard her sing; that being said she had no business trying to belt out a Mariah song.


  1. so watching the pageant i thought the winner was going to be the girl who was 1st ru...i loved her talent!

  2. The winner is gorgeous but she needs a new talent, STAT!
    The first runner up wouldn't have needed too much work, well, with talent at least, she won academic award, can't be dumb. I thought she looked pretty good in gown.
    Oh well, there's always next year for her, I hope!

  3. Watching that... I'm sorry, but unless they do some serious work on her talent, there's no way she'll be Miss America, unless it's strictly political. However, I can't say too much, since the past few Miss Americas have been, ahem, less-than-stellar vocalists. Let's just say that Lauren Nelson shouldn't have won her year.


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