Friday, June 4, 2010

Random Pageant Tip #4

Back by popular demand! Here's a packing list I posted last year; please comment if I've forgotten anything or if you know any specifics for this year. Random things I found most important are bold.

The State Pageant Packing List

The Obvious Competition Attire

Competition Evening Gown
Walk on gown(s)
Talent Outfit/Costume
Onstage Question Outfit (if different than interview)
Opening number outfit
Other production number outfit(s)
Interview outfit
Jewelry for each
Accessories (including hair stuff) for each
Shoes for each
Under garments for each, including... padding!

Other Miss Ohio Week Attire

Sign in/Miss Ohio Festival Outfit (shoes/jewelry)
Parade Outfit (shoes/jewelry/hat)
Shoe me your shoe?/Pursonality?/other crazy required craft project?
Outfit for Teen pageant (shoes/jewelry)
Dress to wear to Coronation Ball (could be outfit listed above)
Extra suit/outfit for luncheon(s)?
Pants/shorts/skirts of the designated color for rehearsal
Casual shoes for rehearsal
Accessories (belts/ jewelry/etc) to jazz up the rehearsal shirts
Socks, undies, appropriate under garments
Sweatshirt/hoodie/jacket/scarf as to not freeze to death in the always cold theatre

Tricks of the Trade

Safety Pins
Sewing Kit
Panty Hose
Breath Mints
Duct Tape/Packing Tape/"Hollywood Tape"/Double-sided Tape
Power Strip/Extension cord
Corn starch/baby powder (you'd be surprised how sweaty your back gets under the hot lights, especially on talent night.)
Firm Grip/butt glue
Extra Mirrors
Spray on Tan/Bronzer/Extra Towel
Thank you notes/pens/stamps
Robe & Slippers (a must have backstage during long breaks during the show.)
Sheet (to put on the floor at your station to catch dropped items and keep your feet and gowns clean)
Baby Wipes
Stain Remover
Hand Sanitizer
Pillow/Small Blanket for theatre
Copies of your paperwork
Cut of your talent music
Favorite mug/tea bag/throat spray (for singers)
Favorite [inset whatever dancers need here]
Headshots/something to contain them/Sharpie
iPod/MP3 player/headphones


Hair care: Straightener/Curling Iron/Hot Rollers/Blow dryer/Hair Spray/Comb/Brush/hair pins/accessories
Razor/Wax/Depilatory Cream
Skin Care: Face Wash/Toner/Moisturizer/Cremes/Mask/etc...
Sunscreen (especially for the parade!)
Make up Removers
Exfoliant/Body Scrubs
Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash/Loofah/etc... for host home
Travel size toiletries to leave at theatre
Dental floss/Toothbrush/Tooth Paste
Perfume/Body Spray
Body Lotion/Foot Creme/etc...
Feminine Products/Midol
Lashes/Lash glue
Q-Tips/Cotton Balls
Nail Glue/Fake Nails/Nail Polish/Nail Polish Remover

Random Stuff

Emergency Cash
Workout videos for host home/hand weights/etc...
Tote bag to carry back and forth to the theatre
Cell phone charger/
iPod charger/etc...
Shoe inserts/Gel insoles
Pictures of friends and family/journal/bible/etc...
Favorite stuffed animal or pillow for host home
A small gift for your roommate, host and chaperon!

Miss Ohio usually provides

A steamer (the chaperons are AMAZING with steaming the gowns! Love them!)
Food (There's usually a nice assortment of fruit and snacks at the theatre, but bring your own if you're picky.)
Water bottles (In the past refillable bottles have been provided)


  1. Headshots for autographs during miss ohio week

  2. You are amazing! Thanks for posting! :)

  3. Good one! How could I have forgotten headshots!?

  4. Thank you so much for posting this!! Awesome, you're the best lol


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