Monday, June 7, 2010

Random Pageant Tip #5

Treat Your Feet!

Miss Ohio week is tiring and you're going to feel it in your feet and legs first! Even if you wear heels a lot, it's different; so be sure you have comfy insoles and peppermint foot lotion for the end of the day.

I usually think titleholders should look a certain way all the time but when it comes to saving your feet, even I make an exception for some silly style during rehearsal: fuzzy, comfy socks under your heels! Sometimes you're stuck in your competition heels way too long during rehearsal! It's amazing how much comfort a pair of sucks under your heels can add, especially with acrylic stilettos. They can add cushion and help prevent blisters, just make sure they don't stretch the heels, specifically if they're sling backs or leather straps. If you feel stupid, just tell yourself you're a fashionable harajuku girl! :)

Here are a few other heel tips I know; add your own as a comment.

- It can be difficult and uncomfortable to shove your foot into acrylic heels but running a hot blow dryer over them for a few seconds softens the plastic and makes it much easier.

- To add traction to competition shoes so you don't slip on-stage, just scuff them up outside on the sidewalk.

- Use double-sided tape to keep sling-backs from slipping off and even to keep the shoe stuck to the bottom of your heel so it doesn't click while you walk.


  1. Girls dont wear acrylic heels anymore - if they do....they should burn them. Pageantry plastic out - strappy pageant heels in

  2. I wish you were right, but you're not. Contestants still wear acrylics with gowns. Did you see Miss USA this year?

    With some gowns they're still the best option but they're HORRID with swimsuit and cocktail dresses! I agree that for swimsuit they'd better have flesh-toned strappies.



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