Saturday, June 5, 2010

Miss Ohio 2010 Flight Facts (aka Abby's Insomnia!)

Flight Factoids!

4 of the 6 dancers ended up in the 3rd flight! Why is it that dancers at Miss Ohio always seem to do that? As for the other two dancers, one is contestant #1 and the other leads off the 2nd flight! Also, both instrumentalists are in Flight 2.

Fancy Your Flight?

Ashley Warholic is in the exact same position as last year, third from last in the 3rd flight! Likewise, Katie Bowen is again second to last in the 2nd flight.
Shannon O'Neill is also in the 2nd flight for a third year in a row, moving one position down from last year.
Becky Minger likes being first! She's first in the 3rd flight this year, was first in the 1st flight last year and was first in the 2nd flight in both '07 and '06. (She was in the middle of the second flight in '08.)
Kristy Moneysmith spent her first two years in the 3rd flight but is in the 1st flight this year; she's maintained last years second-to-last position.
Nanciann Strosnider has been in the 1st flight for two years in a row now, having been in the 3rd flight her first four years.
Courtney Monk is again in flight 2.
Heather Wells moved to the 3rd flight, after being sixth in the 1st flight for two years in a row.
Heather Waterman: three years, three flights.

And what were the position of our recent Miss Ohios?

Erica Gelhaus
- Second to last in the 1st flight
Karissa Martin - Last in the 1st flight
Roberta Camp - Last in the 1st flight
Melanie Murphy - Second in the 2nd flight
Marlia Fontaine - Third from last in the 3rd flight

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