Monday, June 21, 2010

Miss Ohio 2010 - First Appearance

Running on little sleep and lots of adrenaline, the new Miss Ohio, Becky Minger, made her first appearance Sunday afternoon in Mansfield. Ohio's Outstanding Teen, Cecili Weber was also present to sign autographs; both were interviewed by WMFD and former local contestant Jamie Kinton of the Mansfield News Journal.

Note, in the photo on the above Becky was in flats and Cecili was in heels!

MNJ photos by Daniel Melograna:

Look who else made the newspaper's gallery! It's my mom (in black) and my first local ED, Miss Lake Festival's Melissa Hoying looking pretty in pink. All grown up, I barely recognized Erica and Selena (top right), the grand daughter's of Becky's local EDs, the Wageners! They also made the gallery, along with other familiar faces and some very excited passers by. Click here.

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