Friday, July 9, 2010

2010 MUO to MAO Crossovers!

I maintain that contestants should stay away from anonymous message boards, but they are where I get a lot of information... Unlike most boards MAO boards, which are in a constant cycle of toxicity, some Miss USA/Universe boards are semi-positive online communities where several users always sign with the same handle. One of these Miss Universe/USA fans by the name of Oz has been posting wonderful stats on the Miss America board throughout the state pageant season. I absolutely love pageant facts like this and hope you find it interesting as well:

The MAO state pageant season is almost over and whilst none of the former MUO titleholders competing walked away with the title many placed commendably... congrats girls!

Stefanie Tollefson (ND USA 08) -
1RU at Miss North Dakota
Brittany Crews (NC TUSA 02) -
2RU at Miss North Carolina
Nicole Bosso (DE USA 07) -
3RU at Miss Delaware
Blair Griffith (CO TUSA 06) -
T10 at Miss Colorado
Morgan Abel (IN TUSA 08) -
T10 at Miss Indiana
Maggie Lawson (VA TUSA 09) -
T15 at Miss Tennessee
Courtni Hall (IN TUSA 04/IN USA 09) -
NF at Miss Indiana
Jeni Dixon (MO TUSA 08) -
NF at Miss Missouri
Brittany Dube (NH TUSA 05) -
NF at Miss New Hampshire

Danielle Roundtree (NY USA 08) -
still to compete (Miss FL)
Jefra Bland (KY TUSA 09) -
still to compete
Paromita Mitra (MS TUSA 09) -
still to compete

A number of the state winners do have USA experience though... interestingly enough mainly in Teen. They are...

Melaina Shipwash (Miss CO) - 2RU CO TUSA 04, NF CO TUSA 03 (& Miss Congeniality)

Whitney Thorpe-Klinksy (Miss IL) - NF IL USA 08, NF IL USA 07, T15 IL TUSA 06 (& Miss Congeniality)

Gabrielle Reed (Miss IN) - NF IN USA 08, T15 IN TUSA 06

Arikka Knights (Miss ME) - 1RU ME USA 06, 2RU ME TUSA 04, 3RU ME TUSA 03

Lindsay Staniszewski (Miss MD) - 2RU MD USA 10

Loren Rabinowitz (Miss MA) - T15 MA USA 10

Becky Minger (Miss OH) - 3RU OH TUSA 06

Emoly West (Miss OK) - 4RU OK TUSA 01

Ashley Melnick (Miss TX) - 4RU TX TUSA 07

Alicia Grove (Miss WY) - 3RU WY USA 10, T12 WY USA 08, 1RU WY USA 07, 3RU WY TUSA 05

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