Monday, July 5, 2010

Miss Ohio 2010 in Review - Part 3 of 3

Katie Bowen
Miss West Central Ohio
2nd year state contestant

Anna Reis
Miss Portsmouth
1st year state contestant

Heather Waterman
Miss Clayland
3rd year state contestant

Kristy Moneysmith
Miss Maumee Valley
3rd year state contestant

Courtney Monk
Miss Fallen Timbers
2nd year state contestant

Jacquelyn Nichols
Miss Vacationland
1st year state contestant

Heidi Negron
Miss Muskingum Valley
1st year state contestant

Rebekah Zoz
Miss Ohio River
2nd year state contestant

Elizabeth Wong
Miss Huron
1st year state contestant

All of these photos are from the Mansfield News Journal.


  1. Hey Abby! In regards to your number of posts showing, I was having the same problem. I went in and changed it from "show 3 posts at most" to "show 3 days at most" and I'm now able to see about 3 posts on my blog. Hope this helps!

  2. It's the oddest thing... No matter how I manipulate that setting, or how I change the date and time of my posts, nothing will show up under "Miss Ohio in Review - Part 2 of 3." It's really frustrating! New posts are adding to the top just fine, so I must have accidentally done something to the html code causing that entry to be the last thing to show on the homepage...? I don't know; I'm not tech savvy enough to figure it out. :( It sucks because the three "review" posts took a good bit of effort and I doubt many people are even seeing part 1 of 3 because I doubt they're clicking "older posts." Oh well...



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