Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Buckeye Beauties Competing Elsewhere

As seen in the sidebar, all four of the women who had previously competed in Ohio were (at least) semifinalist in the other states they competed in this year! Congrats to all of them!

Sophia Davis is a former Miss Mansfield, Miss Miami Valley and... why am I thinking she was the last Miss Pickerington?? She is an Ohio native who now works in Washington D.C., where she placed 4th Runner-up to Miss D.C. in her second attempt there.

Elyse Healey held several local titles in Ohio and placed in the Top 5. She moved to Pennsylvania for graduate studies and was a Top 11 semifinalist in her first try at their state crown.

April O'Brien is from Ohio but attends college in West Virginia. She has been a determined local competitor in both states for a few years, finally winning a title in West Virginia and going straight to the Top 8 there!

Finally, Jackie Jerlecki is a BGSU student who was a perpetual 1st Runner-up in Ohio locals a couple years ago. Back in her home state of Indiana she made the Top 10 in her second attempt at the state pageant.


  1. Saw this on facebook---

    In the process of having to cut elements from the telecast to ensure the crowning occured on tv, we were forced to cut the announcement of certain awards. We would like to announce that the winner of the 2010 non-finalist interview award is Miss Jackson County, April O'Brien. CONGRATS!

  2. Thanks for the info and congrats to April, but I'm confused...

    In Ohio the Semifinalist interview awards goes to the highest scored interview of the Top 10 and the Non-semifinalist interview awards goes to a women not in the Top 10.

    Since April was in the Top 8, should I assume West Virginia gives a "Finalist" interview awards to someone in the Top 5? It just seems strange for her to win a "non" award since she did make the Top 10 cut...?



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