Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Miss Ohio Contestants: New Headshot and Talent Selections!

As Miss Ohio approaches, there are always two things that fans and contestants alike look forward to: seeing new headshots and learning the contestants talent selections.

Note, contestants can submit up to four different photos; when I competed last year contestants were asked to submit photos for the website, judge’s book, program book and sign-in board. Some women submit four different photos, while other use the same one for everything.

Also, I have tried to provide commentary about the Talent selections, but I am unsure of some of them.

Jessica Barrett, will sing “Popular” from the Broadway musical Wicked. Jessica won the Outstanding Talent Award at her local pageant, Miss West Central Ohio. with this selection.

Miss Clayland, Allie Krucek, will dance to “It’s Oh So Quiet.” This is a new selection for Allie; she danced to "Mambo Italiano" last year and at her local.

The recently crowned Rachel Maris will sing that same song with which she won her local, Miss Buckeye State, "On My Own" from the Broadway musical Les Miserable.

Miss Mansfield, Emily Cousino, will sing “Mr. Melody.” I am not sure what Emily sang at her local.

Also recently crowned, Alyssa Hanson, Miss Heart of Ohio, will sing that same song she sang at her local, “Think of Me” from the Broadway musical Phantom of the Opera.

Miss Maumee Valley, Kristen Haas, will perform a dance to “Go The Distance.” In the past Kristen has done a jazz dance to Whitney Houston’s “Dance with Somebody.”

Roberta Camp, will sing “Blessed.” This is the song she sang her first year at Miss Ohio; she sang “Gold” last year, but went back to “Blessed” to win the Outstanding Talent Award and the title at her local, Miss Maple City.

Miss Northwestern Ohio, Becky Minger, will sing “We’re Young and Beautiful,” a song by Carrie Underwood. Last year at Miss Ohio, and to win the Talent Award and title at her local, she sang a different Underwood song, “Whenever You Remember.”

Erica Gelhaus will perform the operatic selection, "Saper Vorreste." This aria from The Masked Ball by Verdi also won her the Outstanding Talent Award at her local pageant, Miss Lake Festival.

Sophia Davis, Miss Miami Valley, will dance to “Higher Ground.” Last year at Miss Ohio she danced to “Big Spender” and to win her local title she performed “Hit me with a Hot Note,” with which she won the Outstanding Talent Award.

Miss Scioto Valley, Karrissa Martin, will sing “I Feel Pretty” from the Broadway musical West Side Story. She has consistently and successfully performed this piece.

Miss Hamilton, Heather LInsday, will sing “Stand Up for Love.” At her local this selection won her the Outstanding Talent Award and the title.

Christie Youssef will play “Baroque Flamenco” on the harp. This is the same piece she performed to win the title Miss Portsmouth; while competing in pageants in California Christie would also perform monologues for the talent competition.

Kasey Wilson, Miss Central Ohio, will sing “Dome e’pais” or “Flower Duet” from the opera Lakme by Leo Delibes. This is an exciting change from Kasey, who has always performed “Con te partiro” or “Time to Say Goodbye.” With the later piece she won the Outstanding Talent Award at her local as well as a Talent Preliminary last year at Miss Ohio.

Miss Ohio Valley, Allson West, will dance to “She’s A Lady.” I have no idea what Allison performed at her local, or if additional awards were given.

Elyse Healey, Miss Greater Cleveland, will sing “Once Upon a Time.” This is a new selection from her, having sang “Don Quixote” from the Broadway musical Man of La Mancha last year at Miss Ohio and to win the Outstanding Talent Award at her local.

Jillian Dansko, Miss Greater Dayton, is another returning contestants who has changed her talent. This year she will dance to “Ramalama Bang Bang,” as opposed to “Drums.”

Miss All-American City, Lauren Hogan, will sing “My Strongest Suit” from the Broadway musical Aida. This is an exciting change for Lauren, who performed “I Could Have Danced All Night” from My Fair Lady in previous pageants.

Andrea Andryscik, Miss North Coast, will sing “I Want More.” I did not attend this pageant, and am uncertain what Andrea sang to with her title.

Miss Stark County, Lauren Shatlock, will sing “Astonishing.” This is another pageant which I didn’t attend or get much info about; I don’t know what Lauren sang.

Finally… Nanciann “Fancy-pants” Strosnider will sing “Happy Days are here Again.” This is another new selection from a veteran contestant. Last year at Miss Ohio she sang “Let Yourself Go” and she won her the Outstanding Talent Award at her local with likely either that song, or “Once Upon A Time.”

So, in review, the following women won Outstanding Talent Awards along with their local titles: Nanciann Strosnider, Elyse Healey, Kasey Wilson, Heather Lindsay, Sophia Davis, Erica Gelhaus, Becky Minger, Roberta Camp and Jessica Barrett. However, not all locals revealed these awards and some women may have won this award at other pageants, at which they did not win the title…

Also, the following women have changed their talent selections: Allie Krucek, Kristen Haas, Becky Minger, Sophia Davis, Kasey Wilson, Elyse Healey, Jillian Dasnko, Lauren Hogan and Nanciann Strosnider. I am unsure about Emily Cousino, Allsion West, Andrea Andryscik and Lauren Shatlock,

As usual, feel free to leave a comment with corrections. The photos and new talent selections were found HERE.


  1. Thanks for the informative post. Are you a bit nostalgic/sad that you won't be there this year?

  2. Glad you liked the post; I have several other informative breakdowns of the contestants coming up...

    As for Miss Ohio, it will be odd not to be there because it had become such a staple of my summer. I even stayed with the same host home and had the same chaperone all five years! It probably won't hit me until I'm in the audience instead of on the stage; I'm sure weird and sad will describe that experience.


  3. Typo Notice Police: Jillian Dansko is Miss Greater Dayton 2007 not Miss Greater Cleveland

  4. Oops! Thanks for catching that. I guess that's what happens when the "Greaters" are beside each other! :)



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