Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Ohio International Pageant

Tonight Ohio’s International pageant system will crown a new Teen, Miss and Mrs. The event is taking place at 7:30 at the Franciscan Theatre on the campus of Lourdes College in Sylvania (a suburb of Toledo).

A few of the contestants are...

The talented Leslie Ondery [right]. After placing in the Top 5 three times at Miss Ohio (America), like me she has aged-out. Leslie studies Music at Cleveland State University.

The second is Brittany Jordan. I don’t know Brittany well, but rather I know who she is, as we competed together this past Fall at Miss Ohio USA where she placed in the Top 15. Brittany is studying Economics at Ohio State University. On Facebook she captioned the photo on the left with “my ad page for Miss Ohio International this year!”

As it turns out there are only three Miss contestants; I don't know the third. Wow! Why didn't I enter this? :) Just kidding, I would have had to clear it with FOX Toledo and with other things on the horizon for me, it wouldn't have been worth the headache.

A final familiar name is Jacquelyn Adams [right]. She competed at a few Miss Ohio local pageants this season and will be competing for the Teen title tonight. She plans to attend the University of Dayton for a degree in Physical Therapy.

Check back tonight for results!

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