Friday, May 18, 2007


I was in front of cameras all day Tuesday! It was both wonderful and exhausting!

I started Tuesday morning with my weekly shoot for FOX Toledo. Usually I film a week’s worth of commercials, which is 25 to 30, each Tuesday morning. Because my producer is planning a vacation, we filmed two weeks worth, which meant 52 commercials and ten changes of clothing. The majority of them are only 10 seconds long, but it usually takes me a few takes to get each of them between 9.4 to 9.8 seconds. I love the opportunities my job is creating, but shooting "doubles" is extremely tiring.

After a late lunch with Loren we had to swing by the DMV to renew my driver’s license, which meant a new driver’s license photo. We walked into a line with about fifteen people! Luckily, despite its horrible reputation, our DMV is actually really nice. The line moved quickly and while waiting laugher rang through the office. Yes! Laugher at a DMV! All the employees were very pleasant and I was also pleasantly satisfied with the new photo, which will hopefully help get me out of future speeding tickets!

A few hours later Loren and I braved a thunderstorm to go to yet another photo shoot! Tuesday night I had new theatrical headshots taken, which is always a fun, but nerve racking experience. Later this summer I’ll be taking some steps to pursue my career; I’ll share more specifics about that soon. The photo shoot is part of that pursuit, and similar to having a local pageant director, someone is guiding me. I did my own makeup, but it was per their suggestion; I took several of my own shirts, but they and their photographer selected what I wore…

Unlike a pageant headshot, headshots for the entertainment industry need to be very natural. The photos I’ve used over the years for Miss Ohio all have too much makeup and look like “pageant pictures” to an eye from the entertainment industry. I am used to wearing liquid eye liner on a daily basis and fun lipstick; being captured in a photo wearing minimal pencil liner, light eye shadow and a neutral lip was odd and difficult for me, to say the least.

I am confident in my appearance, but we all get used to seeing ourselves a certain way; it’s hard when you’re asked to change, especially when that change is captured in a photo. Furthermore, I never feel like I look as pretty in a photo as what I see in the mirror… I don’t know if I’m just not as photogenic as I’d like to be, or if I’m just to hypercritical. I imagine it’s a bit of both.

As for the clothing, I ended up feeling a bit disappointed by what I was put in, and I drove home thinking, why did I even take that as an option for them!?!?!

Now it’s out of my hands and I can only hope I like the finished product when I see it.

Needless to say, after Tuesday’s TV shoot and photo shoot I was very tired and felt overexposed. Oh, and let’s not forget the driver’s license! Haha.

I am reminded of the strife I felt as a Miss Ohio contestant. It is expensive to have good photos taken and even if you’re lucky enough to win a photo package like I did as Miss Maumee Valley, it is not easy to style yourself and then select which picture to use. Every year pageant fans like to scrutinize the contestant’s photos and try to pick the winner based on them. It’s easy, and even fun to do… To say we don’t all have favorites and least favorites among the contestants headshots would be a lie. But, keep in mind that it is in no way as easy as America’s Next Top Model makes it look!

Keep in mind most pageant women do their own hair and makeup; they’re not professionals and what looks good in person does not necessarily work in a photograph. I’ve noticed that photographers tend to be more concerned with composition, whereas the subject and scrutinizers of the photo focus on facial features. Also, bear in mind that everyone has many looks and personality traits; it’s hard to choose which to feature in a single photo with your facial expression and clothing. Not to mention that sometimes when you love your smile, you hate your hair… then in the next shot, your body position looks amazing, but eyes are “dead.” I could go on and on about how difficult and frustrating it really can be...

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