Monday, May 28, 2007

Congratulations to the New Miss Universe, Miss Japan!

[The above photo is from the AP; the rest are from the Miss Universe website. I've included Swimsuit, National Costume and Gown photos of the Top 5, but note, none of these women competed in the gowns photographed here.]

Riyo Mori, Miss Japan was named the new Miss Universe! I personally found this 20 year olds win a bit surprising. She seemed too bouncy and immaturely playful to me, especially in evening gown.


Miss Brazil, Natalia Gumaraes, came close, being awarded 1st Runner-up.


Miss Venezuela, Ly Jonaitis, was named 2nd Runner-up.


Miss Korea, Honey Lee, was named 3rd Runner-up; and I just thought pageant judge Dave Navara was being a flirty rock star when he called her "Honey!"


Miss USA, Rachel Smith, was sadly named 4th Runner-up. She had an unfortunate fall during the evening gown competition and was then rudely booed by the Mexican fans while trying to answer her onstage question.

The remaining Top 10!

[Above: Miss Tanzania and Miss India]

[Above: Miss Angola and Miss Nicaragua; Below: Miss Mexico]

The remaining Top 15!

[Above: Miss Denmark and Miss Ukraine]

[Above: Miss Slovenia and Miss Thailand; Below: Miss Czech Republic]

In other awards, Miss Philippines [left] was named most Photogenic and Miss China [right] was voted Miss Congeniality.


  1. This pageant was wild! From the top ten I chose Miss Brazil. I thought she had the best look; just gorgeous! Of the top 5, I thought the order would be Brazil, Korea, Venezuela, USA and Japan. I was really shocked when Rachel fell but I was more appalled at those who booed her! That was unneccessary! If that was a group from Mexico, they shouldn't be booing b/c when they make it across that border, they get more rights than those of us who were born here!

  2. Ok, I just have to say it. Most of these swimsuit pictures look like stripper/porn photos. I am totally appalled! Thank heavens my daughter is done with pageants!
    Mom of MAO former

  3. Hey Nancy,

    I also like Brazil, but I felt she and Venezuela were too much like Zuly, last year's Miss Universe. Despite the similarities, USA's fall and Korea's unoriginal gown, I would have preferred any of them to Japan. :( She literally annoyed!

    And Mom of a former,

    Many fans share your feelings about the swimsuit photos! They caused quite a bit of discussion. It's sad because the photographer who took them usually does amazingly beautiful evening gown photos.



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