Monday, May 21, 2007

Ohio International Photos

The Ohio International titleholders, above left to right: Alexandra Desantis, Kecia Pringle and Britany Jordan.

Above, the Miss contestants: Leslie Ondrey in white, Nicole Catazaro in periwinkle and Britany Jordan in black.
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Above, Jackie Adams is named Third Runner-up.

Above left, Brittany Jordan is crowned Miss Ohio International; above on the right, Alexandra Desantis takes her first walk as Miss Teen Ohio International. On the left Kecia Pringle is crowned Mrs. Ohio International by her husband and Cay Stout.

On the left, I pose after the pageant with former Mrs. Ohio International and local MOA titleholder, Carrie Layne.

CLICK HERE for more photos. Note, most need red eye reduction and brightness adjustments.

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  1. hey its Jamie. where was Angelique? I was jsut wondering cause Cay was crowning the Miss. Also I heard it was Susan's last year, did she say who was taking over?? Great pics, I really wanted to go but I had work!

  2. Hey Jamie!

    Those are the two big questions... Angelique's absence was not mentioned, nor was Susan's replacement. Although, I didn't get a program book... so maybe it was addressed there, who knows?!


  3. hm thats very weird?? hope someone can shed some light on that for us! Its weird last year we had 5 girls for miss and it went down. It is going to be weird without Susan. Did they mention her resigning at all during the program?

  4. Yes, the program was very sentimental due to Susan’s resignation.

    I was also surprised that there were about 15 contestants for each Teen and Mrs., but so few Miss’. I know of lots of Miss Ohio local contestants who would probably have been interested, but probably didn’t know about it in time. This was my first year attending or paying attention to this system, so I’m just speculating…?


  5. Angelique wasn't at the state pageant because she broke her contract and competed in another pageant.

  6. Hi Abby,

    My name is Lindsey Gregg, and I too attended BGSU. Graduated in 2000. I was thrid runner up in the Mrs. Ohio International pageant. I was Mrs. Miami Valley, and I have to say that I had a wonderful time and plan on competing again. I was also awarded the Susan G. Botek Community Service Award for the oustanding work I contribute to DebRA of America This is the genetic skin disease that my son was born with. I came across your site doing a search for Kecia Pringle, the new Mrs. Ohio. She is a very special women, indeed! I am extremely happy for her. I look forward to hearing from you. Your site is great!

  7. Hi Lindsey,

    Thanks for leaving a comment; I always enjoy knowing who has stumbled across my blog, especially if they’re a fellow BGSU alum! Also, I was once Miss Miami Valley! :)

    Congratulations on your success at the International pageant! It was a very nice program and I’ve heard great things from a few contestants. Best of luck to your son and your work with the organization you mentioned.


  8. Abby-Getting excited about the Mrs. Ohio coming up!!!! Remind everyone that they can vote for their favorite girl at the Mrs. International now..It's ready to go...

    You are the best!!!!

    Love your site...
    Gerri Walczak


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