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Miss New Jersey Keeps Her Crown

CLICK HERE for a video of the Miss New Jersey board's statement.

for the article "There She Still Is: Miss New Jersey" from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Okay, my brief opinion is that the photos are certainly not tasteful and she’ll not do well at Miss America, but I agree with the board's decision; they did not warrant her loosing her crown.

As someone who holds degree in Theatre I am annoyed with her excuse that “I’m a theatre student, my friends and I do silly things…” When she first said that it made me think perhaps the pictures included scenes of death or disturbing use of weapons, since lots of actors take combat classes. Rather, these pictures depict moments of normalcy, nevermind major.

The fact is that if the photos are shocking to you… then I think you must be living under a rock! I know, I know, some of my readers just muttered, “but does that make it right, Abby?” Before you get mad at me, check out the opinions of NBC fans (from the Today show link in the post below) versus pageant fans. What I’m observing is an unfortunate disconnect between the general public's perceptions and expectations and that of devoted pageant fans.

Comments from NBC viewers:

Wow, if we are now judging this wonderful girl by those innocent funloving photo's we are in bad shape as a society. On one hand we look for any sick news on stars and their lives, watch videos and movies with much more nudity rated PG 13 I would say based on this her photos they are G rated general audience and have should have no affect on her live. Really pagents should get a handle on what they think about life. –Sherry, Sarasota Florida

I am very upset about this subject. We are all human. I am a 57-year-old grandmother, businesswoman and a minister in my relegion. My comment is those who are overseeing the decision of yea or nay for Miss New Jersey, sould look to their own "party times" at a young age. My reaction to the photos was "how silly". Friends and parties. The American Dream for college students of today. They are not in bad taste as far as a black mark for this young woman and I do not believe young people think that. My belief is that those who are behind this blackmail incident should be hung, not Miss NH. With peace to all, Lynn Kent, Warren, RI

As a parent of two college grads, I know that "good kids" have their crazy side. My daughter is on facebook, and they both have myspace accounts. A lot of those pictures can be racy....but, we were ALL that way, outgoing, silly, and a little crazy when we were 18-22. , and those of us in our 40's were raised in a much more conservative environment. TV and pop culture is laden with criminal and promiscuous innuendos, yet we think our "role models" should be stoic wall flowers who have never stepped out of line. It is sad that Miss N.J. felt she had to apologize for being a traditional college student. She reminds me of my daughter and almost every other college student I've met. I hope she takes the crown! Good Luck Amy! -A.E. Knapp, Springfield, Ohio

I think this is all just rediculous. Nobody should be put under such constraints as to have to be imbarrassed for having fun with friends and enjoying harmless private moments cought in photos. She shouldn't be ashamed of putting little pumpkins in front of her chest... how many young ladies haven't put objects near their breasts to make them look bigger for fun? Making these pageant girls look impossibly innocent and perfect makes all of the other girls out there feel like something is wrong with them for being silly and enjoying a sense of humor.... nothing is further from the truth! God gave us a sense of humor in order to deal with life! Use it... officials! She is obviously a well spoken, intelligent and happy young lady who will be extremely successful in life. Let her be an example to all girls out there, or stunt her ability to inspire and help girls to be all they can by pushing this silly issue further. -Amy, St. Petersburg, FL

While it's crazy that Amy had to do it at all, I think it was a great move for her to reveal the photos. To me, they were of a young, fun-loving girl doing what 95% of young women do. Leave her alone. And may the pathetic person who sent the photos in find a real life to live instead of trying to destroy someone else's. The lesson here shouldn't be that she should curb her enthusiasm for silliness and fun, but to be aware that anything posted on the internet is accessible to people. -Jen, Chicago, IL

I just watched the segment where Amy revealed her phots on Myspace with my 82 year old mother. We found them to be as Amy said,"Silly.", but not pornographic at all! How ironic that Amy is now the victim of something she has spoken out against! Amy is abviously a very outgoing, vivacious, talented young woman with a super caring, warm personality. This is the work of a jealous woman, not a guy. He would never take the time to do all this work. Hang in there Amy! Something good will come out of this! Stand up for waht you believe! -Suzy Wells, Fort Collins, Colorado

About you’re so called newsworthy story of Miss New Jersey releases blackmail photos. Refer to part b: of the definition below. News - material reported in a newspaper or news periodical or on a newscast b : matter that is newsworthy If this happens everyday is it really newsworthy? This is just another publicity stunt that the media has fallen for. You’ve just put someone in the spotlight and given them the publicity that they wanted, for absolutely doing nothing. You got your story but have proven to have lost your media integrity? -Joseph Thaler, Columbus OH

I think this entire situation has been blown out of proportion and I applaud Amy for showing the pictures and taking a stand. She has done nothing wrong and I don't think she should even be embarassed. She should embrace the fact that she can have a good time and has the courage to stand up to the person who is blackmailing her. Other women who enter these pageants should learn from this that it is ok to have fun and be a normal young female as long as it isn't taken to an extreme. They know the difference between the two and we should all forget about this situation and move on to more important things in our lives and so should Amy. I'm sorry she has been put through this and I hope she can get back to her life soon. -Darcy Warren, Richmond, VA

I am stunned and appalled what Mss New Jersey is being put through. BUT NOT BY THE PHOTOS, BUT BY THE MISS AMERICA AND MISS NEW JERSEY COMMITTEE. I have seen my own childrens photos (age 20 and 24), and what I see is the same as I see in Amy Polumbo's pictures. They are having fun, the same we had when we were in our 20's. I remember similar and innocent fun with girl friends and guy friends. But only in my memory as it was't as easy then to capture on film. So Amy stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Good Luck! You will make a great Miss America!! -L. MacKinnon, North Kingstown, RI

I hate to suggest that Ms. NJ is orchestrating this to get the publicity in her quest for Ms America, but the possibility crossed my mind. Obviously the pictures are meaningless, but she made it to the national networks with the story. We, the general public, can be such suckers for stuff like this, that it is easy to imagine someone taking advantage of it. Sorry, just my thoughts. -Ernie Hyde, Westford, MA

And here are snippets from a discussion on an anonymous Miss America message board:

As a MAO contestant, I wouldn't want anyone like this representing my state. It may be "normal" for a college girl, but I think we should pick women with more integrity. I wouldn't be caught dead doing something like that.

There is NOTHING wrong with any of these photos!!! What is she supposed to be Miss PURITAN AMERICA.??? Miss Bible Beater Christian America???? Miss Completely Unrealistic College Student America??? She has her clothes on for goodness sakes. She is just being silly. You people need to get a grip. This is why Miss America practically finished, b/c of all you people with ridiculous double standards for your own lives, and daughters lives, and the lives of titleholders.

i remember a photo posted on the miss usa boards that ended up on here of some contestant horsing around with other girls at a baby shower. that photo was nothing. this boyfriend photo ranks right up there with the katie rees photos as far as i am concerned. if the girl thought this photo was suitable for the website of a miss america contestant at any level, she doesn't belong in this system. Where wre the local board members and the field director during her reign as miss local in nj? they should be responsible for the quality of contestant they foist on the Miss state organizations.

Silly pictures. That'a all they are. I bet most of the contestants have similar ones (or worse). Newsflash: This is commomplace for college kids. They're just having fun.

They may just be having fun, but I wouldnt want this girl to be a role model for my child. Her crown should be gone. She has poor judgement, no class, and has completely no credibility.

First of all, let's face reality, she will never win in January because the current Miss America's platform is internet safety. I do not think the same platform will be repeated 2 years in a row. The only repeat platform that I can think of off of the top of my head has been AIDS & HIV awareness & prevention...1993 Leanza & 1998 Kate...5 years apart and LOTS happened during that 5 year time period that changed the face of the disease. 2nd, the picture of her boyfriend with her breast firmly in his mouth, although some may consider "hot", and it is kinda...I consider myself extremely liberal, however, I think she should resign...If the boyfriend is doing thisin front of a camera, just imagine the 'goings on' off camera...."For she may turn out to be....the skank of all New Jersey..."

You have no business to know what is going on off the camera!!!! Are Miss America contestants not allowed to have SEX with their boyfriends? Are you joking me? Are you saying she is a SLUT just because her boyfriend took a silly picture with her out one night. There is NOTHING pornographic about that photo. Sure, its not in great taste, but its nothing to take away a crown for...I can't believe some of you people and I have NOTHING to do with this girl or NJ.

No, the photo is not pronographic, as they are both fully clothed....but they are engaged in a pornographic ACT. If she had no top on, it WOULD be considered porn. Listen, I understand that young people are going to have sex, and to think that because they are running for an MAO title, they wouldn't...well, that kind of thinking is antiquated. Young people have sex, period. I think why everyone is so touchy is because of the whole Miss America "role-model" thing...this is certainly not the kind of thing you'd be proud of showing to someone...regardless of how innocent, or how playful. she sghouldn't be embarrassed that she does things like this...but she SHOULD be embarrassed to be stupid enough to photograph them, and then put them up on her own website.

I do think that anyone who is going to represent their state and possible the Miss America organization needs to be a MATURE, SENSIBLE young woman. This NJ girl is neither. She said herself she's "silly" and she obviously has not one ounce of sense. These pictures are really horrible. If my daughter had her boyfriend chewing on her breast, I would be mortified at what I had raised. Normal college student my rear!

So...what you are saying is that Vanessa Williams wasn't "Miss America Material" because of her past photos?? Seems to me that everyone thought she WAS the Miss America to end all Miss America's before the info came out. This, like most things associated with Miss America, is HYPOCRITICAL. We'll love you to death, and hype you as the second coming...until we find out that you're not Polly Purebread. Then, we'll turn on you, and do everything but burn you at the damned stake.

I don't think we are expecting these girls to be perfect. But the whole idea is to represent America. Not to make us look like a bunch of whores! I'm sorry but as a college student myself, I am not that dumb and oh my gosh you aren't going to believe it...........Popular, fun and a virgin with a serious boyfriend! Gasp! It is about respecting yourself and I apparently a lot of you out there do not. what a shame.

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