Monday, July 16, 2007

Paul, you will be missed!

I am really sad to report that the website Miss Ohio News has been discontinued because Paul Krajnyak will no longer be the official Miss Ohio photographer. This is certainly a loss for the program because Paul and his son were a joy to work with at Miss Ohio and he has given generously to the program and individual contestants.

Many are upset to see him go, but it’s an understandable and necessary decision for him. Technology has changed the profession of photography. The event and backstage pictures the contestants take, photos by local newspapers and the pictures taken by countless audience members (myself included) are all shared on the internet. Therefore, I can’t image that it’s lucrative for a professional photographer to take week off to be in Mansfield.

Paul was the third official photographer in five years, so obviously something isn’t working. It will be interesting to see what Miss Ohio does next year.

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