Thursday, July 19, 2007

Broken bones and broken dreams...

Yesterday morning I was in a car accident and broke my collar bone. Luckily I was by myself and the other cars passengers were only scratched and bruised. My car is totaled. I was scheduled to leave for a week long trip to New York City with IMTA to audition for managers and agents this Sunday; I am no longer going. I am devastated, but at this point I can barely dress myself, let alone fly and be on my top competitive game.

I am so fortunate to have Loren and my parents taking care of me. I feel like a helpless, pathetic little kid, but they have been wonderful. Despite the medication I am in pain, rather immobile, nauseated and extremely uncomfortable. The clavicle is not a bone that can be set. I now have to decide whether to let it heal naturally and likely have a bump or have a plate put in surgically. The later would make me feel more comfortable sooner, but definitely leave a scar.

I have never broken a bone or had surgery before, so I’d appreciate anyone’s insight.

Well… I’ve worked on this entry all day long between “bad moments” and I am sick of chicken pecking, as I’m one-handed! Again, I am so lucky to have Loren and my parents, I can’t imagine going through this alone.

Check out some of the sweet new photos that were included on my demo reel for NYC. (Photos by Steve France.)


  1. Hey, Abby, just know that there is a reason why this happened and that there are probably better things out there after you are healed up. Hey, look at it this way, you're still here...and I am so glad!
    . I just lost 3 people that I knew and loved within the past two weeks.
    Hang in there, sweetie! ;)

  2. Oh Abby, am so sorry to hear about your accident. I hope that you will heal quickly and be back to your happy self. I do not have any magic trick to tell you about how to deal with the pain. I do know that if you take your pain meds along with aleve or advil it will help some. The best advice I can give on surgery is if you are willing to go through with it and get relief, ask your surgeon to do a cosmetic stitch. It will reduce the scar appearance. Oh and vitamin E oil will also help. I will keep you in our prayers and thoughts for a speedy recovery. Cars can be replaced but you can't.
    Your pictures are beautiful and there will be other auditions. This one was just not meant to be. Call anytime if you want to talk, would love to catch up.


  3. hey im sorry to hear about your accident, i know when I got in mine it was horrible. my dad broke his clavical and just let it heal and he does have a bump but when he talked wit the surgeons they said that was the better way. every case is different though. you are also alot younger than him. i have a huge scar from my back surgery and i use mederma on it and it has helped alot. let me know how your doing hun! I am praying for you!


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