Monday, July 23, 2007

Best of Luck to the Miss Lake Festival Program Tonight!

Originally I wasn’t going to be at the pageant tonight because I would’ve been in NYC, but now I’m not there because of my broken collar bone… Anyway, tonight twelve Mercer County women will vie for my first title, Miss Lake Festival.

It’s sure to be an outstanding performance and I’m sure there will be much celebration of Erica Gelhaus’ First Runner-up placement at Miss Ohio. The contestants are:

Amanda McKee
Bethany Hosback
Elizabeth McGhee
Hannah Ford
Heather Waterman
Katie Westgerdes
Lisa Canary
Maria Broering
Megan Perkeybile
Sandy Miller
Sarah Pierstoff
Shelby Gates-Reichard

To see their photos and read their talents go to, click schedule, then Monday, then pageant contestants.

Last year Heather Waterman was the Third Runner-up in this pageant; Lisa Canary and Katie Westgerdes both competed. Hannah Ford was crowned Miss Peony Queen (a non-advancing local festival pageant) this spring. I doubt any of the other ladies have pageant experience.

Best of luck to everyone! I’m sure I can get the results later tonight… if my Vicodin hasn’t knocked me out by then!

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