Monday, July 30, 2007

Pageant Photos from this Weekend!

Scroll below for photos from all three pageants and click to enlarge most of them.

For starters, here are the headshots each of the women put on their CMN donations webpages.

I totally forgot I could get good pictures there… I’m telling you, these meds are making me really “fuzzy.” Let me be the first to say, Zephylia and Shannon look a lot alike, in these pictures at least.

Miss Greater Cleveland and Miss Open City

Above left, Miss Open City Zephylia Khooblall; right, Miss Greater Cleveland, Andrea Andryscik.

The top two photos are from the
Miss Greater Cleveland website, which was updated impressively quick, and the others are from Amy Allen and Megan Wombacker's[right] Facebook accounts. Also check out Elyse's blog for more.

Miss Ohio Valley

The photos above are by Paul Krajnyak; visit Miss Ohio News for more.

These three photos are from Brandi's Facebook. Above left, the new Miss Ohio Valley Brandi Herceg with former, Carissa Cook; above right, Brandi with outgoing Miss Allison West. On the left, Brandi with pageant director Lisa Poole.

Miss West Central Ohio

All I can find from Miss West Central Ohio are these cool pre-pageant dressing room shots from the Lima News. Please email me if you have crowning or competition pictures!


  1. Abby, how do you find the CMN donation pages for the Miss Ohio contestants? Is there a place you can go to search for these? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Just copy and paste the url below, then you can select a state and see all the contestants competing, or you can search a specific woman's name.



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