Friday, April 11, 2008

Best of Luck to Monica Day at Miss USA TONIGHT!

Many of you remeber her as Monica Day Boggs, a Top 10 Semifinalist at Miss Ohio MAO back in 2002... On her fourth attempt she captured the Miss Ohio USA title and is competing tonight to become The Donald's new leading lady!

Sources tell me that the evening gown she ordered (from a company I'll not disclose) was made incorrectly and the green one below was a last minute replacement. It's stunning nontheless. This is the woman who wore an afro wig for a "70s" production number in Mansfield and made the Top 10 as contestant #1, so I look for her to do well tonight!

Other MAO to USA "crossovers" this year include:

* Miss Georgia USA Amanda Kozak was 2nd Runner-up at Miss America as Miss Georgia MAO.

* Miss Utah USA Julia Bachison was a Swimsuit winner at Miss America as Miss Utah MAO.

* Miss Idaho USA Tracy Brown was a Quality of Life Award winner at Miss America as Miss Idaho MAO.

*Miss Wisconsin USA Michelyn Cynthia Butler was 1st RU at Miss Wisconsin MAO.

*Miss North Carolina USA, Andrea Duke was 1st Runner-up to Miss North Carolina MAO.

*Miss DC USA Chelsey Sophia Rodgers was 1st Runner-up to Miss DC MAO.

*Miss Tennessee USA Hailey Laine Brown was a runner-up to Miss Tennessee MAO.

*Miss Delaware USA Vincenaz Carrieri-Russo was a Top 10 finalist at Miss Delaware MAO.

*Miss Massachusetts USA Jackie Bruno was a former MAO local titleholder.

*Miss North Dakota USA Stephanie Tollefson competed at Miss North Dakota MAO.

*Miss Pennsylvania, LauRen Merola competed in Miss Pennsylvania and Miss Florida MAO.

The pageant is at 9 p.m. ET on NBC... which means the ladies will compete at 7 p.m. Vegas time and I'll be watching at 6 p.m. LA time... I think!? :)


  1. From what I have heard, from reading the online forums, the west coast feed is getting the tape delayed version and won't be watching it until their own 9pm slot:(

  2. 30 more minutes and you can watch- I'll not spoil a thing, but the set, dresses, etc are gorgeous!


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