Saturday, April 5, 2008

Congratulations to the newest titleholders!

Tonight in Chillicothe three new titleholders were crowned:

Miss Southern Ohio: Amy Allen
Miss South Central Ohio: Krystle Formosa
Miss Chillicothe: Kristy Moneysmith
1st Runner up: Jackie Jerlecki
2nd Runner up: Lauren Hogan

Good job ladies! Now on to Medina for Sunday Sweeps...

(Thanks to Katie Camp for the picture)


  1. I have CHILLS all over from seeing Amy in that crown! I am so happy and so proud of her!!!


  2. I agree with you too, Meghan! ;) She is such a sweetie! And BTW, how are you? It was nice to see you on Rachel Ray!
    Also, way to go Kristy! I knew you would do it!!! :)


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