Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Onward and Upward... at the very least, Westward!

I’ve mentioned that I’m moving to California and the time is NOW! Let me answer the questions I keep getting:

#1. What about Loren? It makes me smile that this is almost everyone’s first question. Loren and I realize how difficult this is going to be. We have a wonderful life together and a beautiful home. However, due to the ugly economy we may have to be apart for well over a year, until it becomes profitable to sell our house here in the Toledo area.

#2. Will you keep writing your blog? Yes, I will try. 99% of the content on this blog can be found elsewhere on the internet, I simple do you all a favor by putting it in one place, which means I can write it from anywhere. The variables will be time, accessibility and desire. I’m honestly not worried about time because even when I’m busy, I blog to decompress, or when I’m procrastinating! Hopefully I’ll have internet in my apartment; having to use public internet will cramp my style, but is a financial sacrifice I may have to make. Finally, as formers age our connection to the program seems to fade. Sometimes as I cruise pageant sites I ask myself, “aren’t there other sites I should be on that would be more relevant to my life and career?” As I immerse myself in achieving my career goals it is possible that my devotion to the pageant world may wane, but I promise this blog will never suddenly disappear. If for some reason I couldn’t continue writing, I’d give you ample warning.

#3. What will you be doing? Um… I have a degree in Theatre and I’ve been unwavering on my desire to be successful in the entertainment industry. I can’t help but be confused and annoyed by people are shocked that I’m moving, but for the most part I’ve received wonderful support, for which I am grateful.

#4. Do you have an agent? When I went to IMTA back in January I was under the false impression that perhaps contracts with a manager and agent could be faxed back and forth before I moved. That notion is so wrong. Everyone who was interested in me at IMTA said “Call us when you’re here.” Talent and beauty is a dime a dozen. You not only have to prove your abilities, but also your commitment. Industry professionals see amazing talent walk away all the time because they’re home sick, they decide it’s just not for them, they run out of money, their significant other isn’t supportive, they don’t like LA, etc… So no, I don’t have a manager or agent yet, but I have several good contacts thanks to IMTA who I will be meeting with as soon as I’m settled.

#5. Do you have a job/ apartment/ how do you go about this transition? The logistics are by no means easy! After a few ups and downs on the roommate/apartment front, situations changed for a friend currently living there, and Sunday I got the wonderful, relieving news that she’d get a place with me! She’s currently looking, which is a great help since it is extremely difficult to narrow down the hundred different neighborhoods in greater LA and impossible to trust photos you see online. She already knows which areas are good and we have the same price range and priorities.

In terms of moving, another friend who lives there said he sold whatever he could, like his bed, dresser, speakers, etc., loaded essentials in his car and purchased new things when he got there. My immediate thought was, but Loren and I have a nice spare bedroom set and couch which are all going to end up out there at some point anyway. But then I did some research… Renting and fueling a moving truck would cost over two grand and we’d have the headache of towing my car behind it. Even shipping furniture is much less cost effective than just buying a cheap mattress when I get there. So, like most people, I’m loading my car to the brim and hitting the highway!

As for a job, the company I’m with now is national, but the school year is winding down and the LA area has several experienced speakers, so I am not guaranteed many, or any presentations. The professional leads I’m finding on are all 9 to 5 type jobs, which wouldn’t give me the flexibility to go on auditions. I have experience and I realize it’s my best option, but I am going to try not to wait tables… That’s what I’ll probably end up doing anyway; it makes perfect sense why so many actors supplement their incomes as a server- the tips can be great, you can make great connections and the hours are often second shift and flexible.

#6. When are you leaving? TOMORROW! Thursday, April 3rd.

I know, it’s horrible pageant timing with all the current drama, Miss USA and the Ohio's Sweeps pageant this weekend.

Special thanks to a wonderful friend has agreed to post the Sweeps results for me. Also thanks to my great friend Jeff who wrote THIS touching blog entry to me.

Time to get back to packing and crying, packing and crying, packing and crying...


  1. good luck Abby! I am sure you will do amazing. It was really great getting to know you the little times i did at Miss Maumee Valley and at the MS events. I can only imagine what great opportunities lie ahead for you! Best of luck!

    Jamie burns

  2. Abby, I agree with Jeff. From the first time I saw you on stage as a freshman in Wizard of Oz I knew you were going places! You have the 'it' factor!
    I wish you all the best! Go get'em girl!
    Traci Robbins

  3. Best of luck in everything you want to accomplish by making this move! You will be missed! Have a safe trip!

  4. Abby' good luck in LA u will be missed here!

  5. Abby, Go make your mark! btw-when you're rich and famous, can I be your personal assistant? LOL Luv ya!!

  6. Tiffany (Jillians Cousin)April 3, 2008 at 9:05:00 AM EDT

    Good luck Abby! I wish you the best and hope you achieve all your dreams! I will miss all the great pics that you take! It was nice seeing you at all the pageants supporting the girls. Have safe ride out there!

  7. Wow Abby!! This is fantastic! Best of luck in LA. My best friend is actually completing his MFA at UCLA and if you need another contact, or just need to know more ins and outs about LA, I'm sure he'd be glad to help you out.

    I really enjoy reading your blog! You'll be missed in OH


  8. Abby, you will be greatly missed.
    Not seeing you backstage just won't be the same. Have a safe trip and stay healthy! Share you mailing address so we can send you cards, etc. Let us know when you'll be back in the state for a visit. Take care of yourself and go for your dreams.
    Nancy Mabrey
    Kenton, OH

  9. Abby.. :( We don't want you to go.... We will miss you very much, sorry we didn't get a chance to get together before you left... but THANKS for all your help and coaching!!! Good Luck out there in sunny California!! You will be great. If you get homesick you know where Toledo, Ohio is. Send us your email if different and we'll keep in touch, esp about MAO pageants questions!

    Bonnie and Jessica

  10. Good luck Abby! We will miss you :) I wish you all the best! Go for it!

  11. Abby,

    Best of luck in LA. You definately have the talent so I know you will turn heads. I am very proud of you and hope to hear that you are doing well.


  12. Hey, Abby! I know I haven't been able to be in touch the past few months but I want to let you know that I miss you being at least somewhat nearby. I know you are chasing your dreams and I wish you all the best, of course! ;)
    Take care! FYI, if you would need or like to have another connection from "home", I have a friend/old neighbor that lives in L.A. He works for Rhythm and Hues as the lead "rigger" and has worked on such films as "The Chronicles of Narnia..." His name is Matt Derksen and his parents still live here. Maybe he would have some good connections for you, too! Take care!
    Love and hugs,

  13. Thank you everyone!!!

    I appriciate your kind words and support.



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