Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Miss Ohio Tickets and Events!

Now that the flights have been determined, it’s time to order your tickets!

Miss Ohio’s Outstanding Teen – Tuesday June 17 - $20

Prelim Night One – Wednesday June 18 - $20

Flight One: Talent; Flight Two: Gown and Question; Flight Three: Swimsuit

Prelim Night Two – Thursday June 19 - $20
Flight One: Swimsuit; Flight Two: Talent; Flight Three: Gown and Question

Prelim Night Three – Friday June 20 - $20
Flight One: Gown and Question; Flight Two: Swimsuit; Flight Three: Talent

Miss Ohio Finals – Saturday June 21 - $40

Four night Miss package - $85
Five night total package - $100

To download a ticket order form go to www.missohio.com and click on "2008 Show Tickets" in the right sidebar. I don't think you can simply call a box office and give a credit card, but I'm not sure, I've always either been in the pageant or purchased tickets at the door!

Scroll below to see who is in which flight.

Also during Miss Ohio week there are various other ticketed activities.

The annual Mansfield Noon Optimist Lunch will be Wednesday June 18th at 11:45 a.m. at the Holiday Inn.

Contestants attend free, but everyone else must pay a $20 donation. RSVP to Ron Denman at 419-610-4131 by June 6th.

This is always a nice event; Miss Ohio always speaks and each contestant usually introduces herself and her platform.

Parents, you may find that after all the preparation expense, hotel cost and show tickets that these events are nickel and diming you. I completely understand! I felt so guilty about it my first few years, I did not want my parents to spend the extra money on this type of thing. But they did attend the last couple years and I found the support invaluable! Granted, I was lucky to have “normal” non-nagging, non-stage parents!

Each year extra events come and go; I’m sure you heard about them at Spring Forum. I don’t know what else is being offered this year, but I highly recommend the Optimist Lunch. Yes, it’s basic hotel food, but you actually get 45 minutes to an hour to sit and eat with your daughter!

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