Saturday, April 12, 2008

Texas Wins Miss USA, but Ohio is Deemed the Nicest!

Congratulations to the new Miss USA, Crystal Stewart!
After being First Runner-up for the past two years, she finally clinched the Texas title on her fifth try!
Tonight all the hard work certainly paid off.

Full Results:

Miss USA – Texas
1st RU – Mississippi
2nd RU – New Jersey
3rd RU – Oklahoma
4th RU – Pennsylvania

Remaining Top 10:

Massachusetts * Missouri * Tennessee * Indiana * Florida

Remaining Top 15:

Minnesota * Rhode Island * South Carolina * California * Utah

So here were my thoughts...

I loved the whole vibe and production of the opening. However, it looks as though “pageant hair,” heavier make-up and ugly 80s earring have creped back into this pageant, which has been more about natural stunning beauty the last few years.

Wow! In 30 years I want to find a doctor as good as Marie’s! She looked fabulous, but Donny is just annoying.

Rachel Smith is great; who doesn’t love her!? But, I was so disappointed in her gowns tonight- she must have been hanging out at Mardi Gras and Toga parties while she was off stage!

As for the contestants, I thought it looked like an amazing group of women in the intro, but then the Top 15 was a little disappointing. Did anyone else notice that at first every-other semifinalist called was a blond Barbi doll? I don’t mean to anger or offend my blond readers, but I found the blond contestants tonight to all be very similar and stereotypical with little going on behind the eyes. I hate to say that because I’m sure most of them are intelligent and accomplished, but that’s not the image they projected.

After Swimsuit, I really like Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Utah.

I would have cut Minnesota, Missouri and Tennessee all of whom were really boring to me, as well as Mississippi whose look I didn't dig, and found bitchy.

Oklahoma is one of the few blonds that grew on me as the night progressed, but when she was called into the Top 15 I thought, "do all women from that state look the same?!" I thought onstage tonight she looked like former Oklahoma Miss America Lauren Nelson.

Other look alikes, in my opinion, were Pennsylvania USA and Ohio's Megan Womabacker and Indiana USA looked like Lauren Hogan!

Anyway… I found the Evening Gown competition utterly disappointing! None of the gowns wowed me. My roommate's boyfriend came home and sort of watch the gowns with me, and was not impressed either. Despite dismal dresses, I was still rooting for Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and Indiana, and I still did not like Missouri, Mississippi or Tennessee.

At this point we learned that Miss Ohio USA Monica Day won Miss Congeniality! Great job Monica. This is not at all surprising; she is always a blast to be around.
The Photogenic award went to Alaska.

I really think Pennsylvania was leading the pageant until the onstage question…

Judge Heather Mills asked her about beauty products marketed toward little girls; I think she hurt herself by not delivering the expected “I think they’re bad, little girls shouldn’t wear makeup” answer.

I wasn’t “into” Crystal Stewart throughout the competition, but there’s no deny she’s an excellent competitor. Her onstage question was perhaps the best; she solidly argued against a military draft, while still giving a shout-out to the troops.

I thought perhaps the organization would ping-pong back to a blond, as they seem to do, with Oklahoma. Her question was okay, but it was a bit of a curveball. She was asked which celebrity she would choose to help better themselves; of course she said Brittany Spears.

Like Texas, I wasn’t really into New Jersey, but her onstage question was undeniable good. She asserted that children should have television and internet because they are good resources, but they need to be monitored and used wisely.

Finally, I was just not a fan of Mississippi at all! She was asked something about being helped in life by being beautiful and she spoke about the opportunity of being in the pageant.

My final results would have been Mississippi 4th Runner-up, Pennsylvania 3rd because of her question, New Jersey 2nd Runner-up and a coin toss between Texas and Oklahoma, depending on which way Donald’s hair is flapping… But that shows how little I know, since I only had Jersey in the right spot!

Check this out... In terms of wardrobe, Miss USA and Miss America seem to be "sisters from another mother," as the saying goes!


  1. First of all, Congrats to Monica on being voted Miss Congeniality!!! BTW, love her hair, just gorgeous! I hate to even bring this up but take a good look at Rachel and Crystal's arms in the crowning pic. It may be the angle, but they appear very tiny. I am not making any assumptions but I am questioning the healthiness of the look. I just don't want my daughter's to think that is what you have to look like to be considered beautiful.

  2. Hey Abby, I actually attended Miss USA last night and took detailed notes... I also watched the telecast later that night. There were big differences and many gowns popped on stage but not in photo/tv...I will post more on my blog once I catch up on sleep :)

  3. I think I'm one of the few people who liked Rachel's gowns, especially the yellow one. I think it was constructed to emphasize movement, because it floated beautifully.

    Loved the pageant, though I wasn't happy with the commercial cut right before they announced the winner, though when I looked at the clock, there was definitely 8 minutes to still kill so I understand the rationale.

  4. I loved Rachel's yellow dress, when she walked across the stage, she seemed to float. Beautiful construction!

  5. soo i should color my hair like miss indiana usa...haha! Thanks for the compliment. She is gorgeous!! Megan so looks like that girl as well.

    Hope all is well in Cali! Not too long before your other Lauren comes to visit you!!


  6. I wanted to chime in and say "hello" to Lauren. Lauren, I am sad that the Miss O stage will not be graced with your presence this year. Although, I don't know you, I think you are a very neat young lady! Best wishes and please don't give up!
    ~Nancy W.


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