Saturday, April 19, 2008

Breaking Pageant News: The Miss Ohio Line-up!

Today must be Miss Ohio's Spring Forum, as I just got a text with the following information:

Flight One:

1. Samantha Eggars - Broadway vocal - Open City
2. Krystle Formosa - Broadway vocal - South Central Ohio
3. Sophia Davis - dance - Hamilton
4. Courtney Kania - harp - Heart of Ohio
5. Katie Wolford - Broadway vocal - Cuyahoga Valley
6. Heather Wells - jazz dance - Maple City
7. Katie Camp - tap dance - Portsmouth
8. Jessica Barrett - Broadway vocal - All American City
9. Karissa Martin - Broadway vocal - Clayland

Flight Two:

10. Erica Gelhaus - opera - Northwestern Ohio
11. Kristen Haas - dance - North Coast
12. Christie Youssef - harp - Mansfield
13. Victoria Miller - dance - Buckeye State
14. Heather Waterman - vocal - Lake Festival
15. Amy Allen - vocal - Southern Ohio
16. Becky Minger - vocal - Maumee Valley
17. Megan Wombacker - tap dance - Scioto Valley
18. Shannon O'Neil - vocal - West Central Ohio
19. Kasey Wilson - opera- Lake Erie

Flight Three:

20. Kristie Moneysmith - country vocal - Chillicothe
21. Brandi Herceg - dance - Ohio Valley
22. Alyssa Hanson - Broadway vocal - Miami Valley
23. Andrea Andryscik - vocal - Greater Cleveland
24. Jillian Dansko - tap dance - Central Ohio
25. Nanciann Strosnider -Broadway vocal - Northern Ohio
26. Amanda Pitcock - monologue - Brookville
27. Jenna Wilson - vocal - North East Ohio
28. Emily Cousino - vocal - Fallen Timbers

I always felt Spring Forum was a necessary evil; certain information must be distributed and the contestant order must be selected, but despite attempts to make it fun, it was always pretty long and painful.

To understand how a contestant lottery/ placement selection works and the various factors the contestants hopefully considered, click here.

Note, specific talent types like Broadway, tap, etc... are based on past performances and subject to change for the state pageant. Although the Miss Ohio website has some song titles listed, it is very obvious that a few of them are mistakes - they appear to be the selection from last years titleholder. IE: Miss Lake Erie still lists "Happy Day's are Here Again," the song last years Miss Lake Erie Nanciann Strosnider sang; she is now Miss Northern Ohio and the women who she crowned, Kasey Wilson, will likely sing opera. So until it appears to be completely updated, don't trust the official website.

As fans review the contestant order and the contestants, parents and EDs return home, the message board will no doubt become flooded with everyone’s “picks.” People will talk about which is the strong swimsuit flight, strong talent flight and which women will win a preliminary award. I realize it’s a lot of fun, but I implore everyone to be kind.

*** CONTESTANTS- now is the time to use your willpower and STAY OFF THE MESSAGE BOARD unil after Miss Ohio! ***

I personally think it’s annoying to believe you know exactly which contestant will win a prelim – there’s no way of knowing how a woman has changed from her local to state or what the judges will want. I do understand discussing strong flights and picking a couple women as your favorites, all of which can be done without putting other women down.

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