Friday, April 18, 2008

Pageant Poll: Should debt-free women of wealth compete in MAO?

On the unofficial Miss America message board a young lady posted the following:

“I have a question, I am currently 19, however, I was homeschooled K-12 and will graduate from college in May. I have always wanted to participate in pageants, however, I have always put them on the back burner for my studies. I have no college debt, and I come from a wealthy family. I really have no need for scholarships. Am I still welcome to participate in MAO pageants, or would I be snubbed?”

How would you answer her?

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  1. Abby, I would've liked to see more options in your poll. I think women who come from wealth should be allowed to compete if they truly are competing to promote their platform. Besides that I think it's robbing others of scholarship money because another contestant could have been awarded the scholarship money and used it.

  2. Hey Miss Amy,

    I totally see your point.

    This was a poll that I had a lot of trouble coming up with options for because my personal opinion is very strong.

    I am surprised to see that most of my readers disagree with me, but I really believe there are outstanding, qualified, wonderful titleholders that also NEED the scholarships. Debt free rich women can compete in USA, Earth, World or International! Or, if you’re all about the talent then you can afford studio fees to cut an album or travel to an expensive big city to pursue music, dance, acting, etc…

    I realize that your dream of being Miss America shouldn’t be penalized by your wealth, so if that’s the case, like you said Amy, you better work you butt of on your platform and use your wealth to pass some legislation. LOL!


  3. I am a little torn on this issue. I do hate to see the scholarships go to women who have their education paid for, but then I do know there are wealthy women who deserve the role of Miss America and would be awesome role models. You must remember, too, that it is not the contestant's fault whether their family is wealthy or not. I look back and remember when I was filling out my paperwork for college and I just "cringed" when I came to the line that asked what my parents income and savings were. I thought, "Hello, people, it doesn't mean they are going to give it to me!" The whole scholarship and financing issue is certainly a "double-edge sword"!
    ~nancy (N.E.W.)

  4. It didn't take much time for me to decide. Look no further than Miss America's Oustanding Teen Caitlin Brunell... granted it is the teen division and doesn't provide exactly the same scholarship opportunities... But does anyone thing that an NFL quarterback's daughter isn't priviledged and needs college assistance?? If she can compete as Mark Brunell's (now traded to the Saints) daughter than so can this obviously very intelligent young woman!


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