Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Green Is Gorgeous!

Like many companies and other pageant systems, Miss America is "going green" this year. They've partnered with TV personality Tamara Henry and her website, Green T with Tamara. Miss States (except Alaska and Louisiana) participated in a video shoot in which they gave a green tip; fans can vote for their favorite HERE and moreover, it gives us our first live look at these ladies!

Overall, I have to say I was disappointed in the Miss States this year; many of them seemed so lackluster in their personalities, delivery and styling! The poor camera lighting that was used during that shoot didn't do any of them any favors. That being said, I acknowledge that disappointment is almost always the reaction of most fans when they're first getting to know the new class of contestants, wouldn't you agree? I'm sure they'll grow on us. Even by the time I watched all the videos, I was able to list several women that excelled in various areas:

Whether it's good makeup or good genes, I found the following women to be notably telegenic; the camera loves them:

Idaho * Texas * South Dakota * Nebraska * Minnesota * Arkansas * Kentucky * Tennessee * Ohio *
Pennsylvania * Puerto Rico


I got so sick of hearing about recycling and grocery store tote bags that I thought my eyes were going to roll out of my head! So I started noting the women who actually had thoughtful ideas:

First prize for an idea that is highly applicable to pageantland is New Jersey, with her information about recycling MAC makeup containers. Second prize goes to Hawaii, because what pageant fan doesn't think a fashion show is fabulous?!

Wisconsin and Puerto Rico offered great reminders for our techi generation: unplug your gadgets when they're done charging and go paperless by paying bills online.

Illinois, Georgia and New York talked about hybrid vehicles and making smart trips.

Tennessee's tip is just common sense, but it bares repeating: adjust your thermostat while traveling. Similarly, Maryland gave me an "oh, duh!" moment by suggesting you keep your closet doors shut so you don't heat and cool unnecessary spaces. However, given her zeal for water conservation, I wouldn't want to be her roommate!

Vermont's university will be saving water by "going tray-less" in the dining halls. I don't foresee that working, especially for the male athletes on campus, but at least she can say those magic pageant words, "I led an initiative..."

DC's platform is "Let's Talk Trash," so obviously, she has a lot of good ideas.

Finally , I didn't find Arizona, Oklahoma or Mississippi particularly well spoken, but they do get points for talking about conservation efforts specific to their states.


The women I did think were well spoken, even if their tip was boring, were:

Idaho * Montana * Hawaii * Nebraska * Minnesota * Iowa * Wisconsin * Indiana * Tennessee * Alabama *
Pennsylvania * Virgin Islands

Ohio and North Dakota can be crowned the Queens of Concise. I don't seem to have any East-coasters in this list, so I'll have to rewatch them .


Then there's always that illusive, indefinable "It Factor."

I found Idaho, Nebraska, Tennessee and Pennsylvania to be vibrant, gorgeous and well spoken. Kentucky and Florida were full or life and energy and Puerto Rico oozes "it."


What was your impression of our first video look at the contestants? Who did you like? Leave a comment!

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  1. I thought the lighting sucked as well! It really showed every bump and blemish on each girl. Sure, they are just 'human', and have zits like everyone else, but I think this goes to show that photoshop works great for their pictures. I like pictures a little less photoshopped that way the judges recognize each person.


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