Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Miss America 2010 Contestant Placement

Last night the Miss America contestants participated in an online lottery to select their competition placements! Ohio's Erica Gelhaus will be the 12th of 18 women in the Sigma Group; this is the last group to interview, then they compete in Swimsuit and Evening Gown on Tuesday night, Talent Wednesday and conclude the preliminary competition with On Stage Question Thursday.

Click to enlarge the complete placement chart:
According to a message board, the women chose there slots in this order; it's probably close, but not guaranteed to be 100% accurate:

Tennessee, Utah, Connecticut, North Carolina, Hawaii, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Arizona, Ohio, Florida, Minnesota, Maryland, Alabama, Arkansas, New Mexico, Alaska, Indiana, Puerto Rico, Iowa, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Washington, South Dakota, Michigan, Rhode Island, South Carolina, New York, Oregon, Louisiana, Nebraska, Georgia, DC, New Jersey, Virginia, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Virgin Islands, California, Idaho, Missouri, Massachusetts, Maine, Kentucky, Montana, Vermont, New Hampshire, West Virginia, North Dakota, Kansas, Texas, Nevada

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  1. I guess some people are questioning why she didn't pick talent first, but I think sandwiching it in the middle will help keep their interest. I also like the fact that it allows the judges to get comfortable with interview and get a flow before she has to go into that room. Having experienced preparing for the first and the second flights with previous Miss Ohios, I can tell you that the first flight can be tricky, especially when it comes to judging with novice judges. The first flight is like the first child, as far as, the judges are still getting used to the process themselves and may not be secure in their own personal scoring system until the back of the flight. Second flight can get crazy on time because of delays and the judges can start getting pretty cranky when they know they will be later than normal due to time overruns. Mel's year, the end of the second flight had to go the next morning due to time constraints. Third flight, in my opinion, will allow the best judging for Erica, because she will have had ample opportunity to become comfortable with her surroundings, it gives the judges time to really judge her fairly and objectively and find a "groove", and it will give her team time to prepare her for OSQ, which has derailed many "could have beens".


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